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The Plastic People sell a fantastic range of acrylic (Perspex®) for multiple purposes.  Perspex is a brand name for acrylic (in the same way that hoover is a brand name for a vaccum cleaner).  We sell Perspex and other brands of acrylic too.

Commercial projects, gardening jobs and DIY tasks alike benefit massively from acrylic plastic use – and we have a wide variety of different types to suit your individual needs.

Our acrylic is available in both coloured acrylic, hi-gloss acrylic, sparkle acrylic, matt acrylic and clear acrylic designs.
In addition to this, sheets of acrylic from The Plastic People can also be cut to size, drilled and polished just the way you need them.

So, why might you use acrylic Perspex® for your next job?
Here are some of the many benefits:

  • Acrylic is easy to use.
  • Acrylic plastic sheets are 17x stronger than glass – making clear or even reflective acrylic a much safer and more durable alternative.
  • Acrylic represents excellent value for money.
  • Sheets of acrylic are also very versatile and can be used in lots of different ways around the home.
  • Perspex® is a premium branded acrylic that is manufactured to the highest possible industry standards and can be offered in a selection of eye-catching effects – including gloss and matt finishes.
  • It can also be used in everything from mirrors, signs, picture framing and secondary window glazing to both kitchen and bathroom splashbacks and applications for architecture and furniture practices.
  • Perspex® also offers high levels of abrasion, shock and flex resistance – so you can be sure it’s going to last.

With us, it’s free to get a quote.

Once you know what type and how much acrylic material you need, you can enter your personal specifications into our online quote calculator.

Then you can join the large group of happy customers who shop with us and purchase acrylic sheets online today.

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Acrylic (Perspex) Products

Where Can Acrylic Be Used?

Acrylic sheeting can be used for many different purposes.
In bathrooms for instance, this type of plastic is used as shower splashbacks – whilst your bath is usually made from an acrylic panel.

Acrylic can also be used behind a kitchen hob provided there is an appropriate distance between the outer edge of the hob and the acrylic itself (60mm for ceramic hobs and 200mm for gas hobs). Acrylic is also heat resistant up to 70 degrees.
You can read our splashbacks page for more guidance on this.  
Our coloured acrylic is available in 18 different colours, so if you’re designing a child’s playroom, this is a great decorative option.

Clear acrylic is also often a good choice for secondary glazing – offering a way to increase sound and thermal insulation.
Acrylic uses also extend beyond the interior of your home – as it is very suitable for outdoor use. Whether that’s reflective acrylic for your garden, or even clear acrylic for shed windows – you can rest assured that your dealing with a highly durable material that can cope with the elements.

However you choose to utilise your purchase, the lightweight and flexible nature of acrylic makes it easy to install anywhere around your home.

How Do I Keep My Acrylic Looking Clean?

Keeping acrylic clean is a simple task.

We suggest using warm soapy water with a soft cotton cloth to wipe the surface. You should avoid using chemical cleaners and other types of cloth, as they are likely to damage the acrylic.
However, you can still use some specialist acrylic cleaners – we recommend our VuPlex polish or even our Xerapol acrylic scratch remover.

VuPlex works especially well for keeping acrylic sheets looking brand new. It polishes the surface of the plastic to a very high standard and also protects from grime and scratches.
See the ‘How To’ tab on each individual product section for specific guidance on how to best polish and clean acrylic.

How Long Does Delivery Take?

We offer next day delivery for most acrylic orders and the price of this varies depending on the size of your order.

Otherwise, orders get sent out as soon as possible. This is usually within 3 days for cut to size orders, whilst you can expect orders with optional extras or shapes to arrive within 5 days.
The estimated delivery date is always displayed in your shopping basket before you make your order.

However, we will always advise you if we think that it will be difficult to deliver your order safely using our standard service. This is only usually the case for especially large orders that need to be delivered on a pallet.

It’s free to get a quote for acrylic online.

As acrylic sheet suppliers, we enable you to get a quote for both cut to size and cut to shape orders.

For a bespoke cut to size acrylic quote, simply select your chosen acrylic type and required thickness (if suitable) and the width and length of your potential order in either millimetres, centimetres or inches.

The same applies for a cut to shape quote – only here you would need to decide on the actual shape you require, of which there are six:
  • T-Shape
  • L-Shape
  • Triangle
  • Semi-Circle
  • Circle
  • Oval
Also, bear in mind that we can cut to any kind of other bespoke shape you may require asides from the above. In this case, email us directly for a quote.

In addition to this, your order can also be polished and drilled to suit your personal specifications – so come and get a free quote today from The Plastic People. 
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