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Whether you are looking for a large quantity of a specific sheet of plastic made using acrylic routing or a small amount of plastic for a home project we are delighted to help. 
Our plastic sheets can be bought cut to your size and shape.  If you know what you need start using our service by choosing your plastic from our calculator opposite.  
If you're unsure, we have tonnes of information below about all our different plastic sheeting to help you make your decision. Or simply email or call us on 0113 249 2222 with your query. 

Many different types of plastic sheeting available

We deliver sheets of popular plastic nationwide: clear and coloured acrylic sheets, acrylic cut to size, polycarbonate sheets, polycarbonate cut to size, foamboard, nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC.  
We cut plastic sheets using acrylic routing to all sizes. 
We cut plastic sheets to all shapes
We make parts and products from drawings. 

Can we help you find the right plastic sheet?

Should you need any advice or help choosing the right plastic sheeting, definitely talk to us.  Please email or call our friendly team on 0113 249 2222. 

Plastic Types

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What can you use plastic sheeting for?

Plastic sheeting has a wide variety of applications, for both personal and business use. Here are some of the more popular uses for this versatile material:
  • Greenhouses – to help create a controlled environment for growing plants, plastic sheeting can be used.
  • Landscaping - plastic sheeting can be used in gardens or landscaping projects to prevent weed growth.
  • Storage and transportation – storing items safely and keeping them free from dust and pests can be helped considerably with plastic sheeting, and items will often need to be covered when in transit.
  • Hygiene - Plastic sheeting can be used to cover surfaces in medical settings to maintain hygiene standards as well as other environments where cleanliness is important.
  • Pond liners – thicker types of sheeting can be used to make liners for ponds as part of landscaping projects.
  • Temporary enclosures – at events, construction sites and other locations, plastic sheeting can be used for creating temporary spaces.
  • Protection from the weather - sheeting can be used to cover outdoor furniture, equipment, or materials to protect them from rain, snow, or other weather elements.
  • DIY, painting and renovation – plastic sheets make an excellent covering for furniture and other surfaces during DIY and painting activity.


How thick can you get plastic sheeting?

Plastic sheeting comes in various thicknesses, ranging from very thin films to thicker, more rigid sheets. Here's a general overview of the thickness ranges you can find:
  • Thin Films - These can range from 0.2 mil to around 3 mil. They are often used for lightweight packaging or covering surfaces temporarily.
  • Medium Thickness - Plastic sheeting in this category typically ranges from around 4 mil to 10 mil. It's commonly used for construction projects, landscaping, and as greenhouse covers.
  • Thicker Sheets - Thicker plastic sheeting can range from 12 mil to 40 mil or more. These thicker sheets are used for heavy-duty applications such as pond liners, industrial liners, and for providing more substantial protection in construction and agriculture.

How long does plastic sheeting last?

The lifespan of plastic sheeting can vary widely depending on factors such as the type of plastic, thickness, environmental conditions, and how it's used. For example:
  • Relatively thick plastic sheeting used for construction projects or as greenhouse covers may last several years if properly maintained.
  • Industrial-grade plastic liners may have lifespans of 10 years or more under optimal conditions.
Adherence to manufacturer recommendations, proper maintenance and using the appropriate type of plastic sheeting for your projects can greatly help to extend the life of your sheets.