Table and Furniture Acrylic Glass Protector

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Protect your tables and surfaces from scratches and spills with our made to measure plastic table protectors.  Made from our Clear as Glass Acrylic, our plastic table protectors looks like glass but are 10 x stronger and indeed much safer.  Acrylic table protectors - if dropped - will not shatter like glass into sharp, tiny and hard to find shards; should it break it will do so in a few large pieces.  Acrylic table protectors can be kept in perfect condition with the use of acrylic polish or simply wash with warm, soapy water (no chemicals).  We cut acrylic to the size you need to protect your table top and deliver it safely to your door.

Watch our video to see how easy our acrylic table protectors are.  Ordering is simple via our calculator opposite. For square or rectangular table protectors just enter the size you need into our Cut To Size menu.  For circular table protectors (or any other shape) select our Cut To Shape tab and enter your sizes for a price.  We can provide table protectors to any size and shape. Feel free to also email us your template for a quote.

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