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Horse Mirrors

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Horse mirrors are made from mirrored plastic that can be fitted inside stables. The main purpose of installing horse mirrors (also often referred to as stable mirrors) is to maintain the health and well-being of a horse when kept in isolation.

Horses are herd animals, and therefore it’s in their nature to crave companionship. When a horse is kept isolated in a stable environment, its behaviour can visibly start to deteriorate.

There are a number of stress-related behaviours that horses typically demonstrate when they are lonely, or suffering from boredom.
These include box-walking, where the horse constantly paces around the perimeter of its confined area, and weaving, where the horse tirelessly bobs its head and neck rhythmically in a restless fashion.

It can also cause the horse to start cribbing.

Cribbing is the term used to describe a common habit which horses often develop – where they lock their jaws on solid objects and bite down hard.

This could be the stable door or even fence railings. Either way, it’s not good for the stable environment and it’s certainly not good for the horse.

That’s where plastic horse mirrors come in handy.

Stable mirrors are an effective, safe and easy way to alleviate this type of behaviour.

When a horse sees its own reflection, it has a calming effect which helps to ease the underlying feeling of stress and boredom and quickly improve overall well-being. They can also help the horse have a much better night sleep as a result.

Mirrored plastic can be used as horse stall mirrors or even as horse trailer mirrors when a horse is kept in transit for long periods of time.

Plastic mirrors are also very safe when used in the presence of animals, as they don’t shatter like glass.

In terms of fitting, plastic mirror sheets can be tailored accordingly to suit your specific needs.

The Plastic People sell mirrored plastic at a bespoke size and it's really straightforward to get a free quote. We can also supply shapes to suit customers individual requirements.
You can purchase your acrylic sheets online today through our quotation calculator.

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Horse Mirrors

Are Horse Mirrors Guaranteed to Work?

Research has shown that horses that have developed bad habits like box-walking, weaving and cribbing, can significantly improve their behaviour within 24 hours after a horse mirror is fitted.

As previously mentioned, horse mirrors are as useful on the move as they are in a stationary stable environment.

They can also be used as arena mirrors for added comfort when taking part in equestrian activity.

How Do I Fit My Horse Mirror?

For the best result, we advise fitting your acrylic mirror to a flat surface, such as moisture-resistant MDF or even a plywood backing plate.

When fixing the mirror to the backing plate we’d recommend covering any exposed sharp screws with secure plastic caps. This will prevent horses from doing themselves any physical damage on the screws.

You can then mount your backing plate to a solid wall – using wall plugs to fix into the wall itself.

For stables made from timber without interior cladding, you can fit the backing plate between the joists. If fitted directly against vertical timbers with no support behind the material, it is likely to break should a horse lean up against it.
If you do use a backing plate, always ensure that the plate itself is bigger than the mirrored acrylic bonded to it. This is because the backing plate is likely to swell or distort if your stable becomes damp or humid – and the flexible acrylic will distort over time as a result.

How Much Does It Cost to Fit a Horse Mirror?

The overall price depends on the amount of plastic you require – you can get an exact cost by using our online quote calculator.

We cut silver mirrored acrylic (perspex) sheets to suit your bespoke specifications.

When purchasing a cut to size plastic mirror, you only need to enter the specific dimensions based on the measurement of your fitting area. The quote is calculated in millimetres, centimetres or inches.

We also sell cut to shape plastic. You can buy T-Shaped, L-Shaped, Triangle, Semi-Circle, Circle, and Oval-shaped acrylic.

What Are Horse Mirrors Made From?

The mirrored plastic used as horse mirrors is made from acrylic (perspex).

Acrylic is much more durable and safe alternative to glass. This makes it the ideal material for a horse mirror.

Other benefits include:
  • Easy to use.
  • 17x more impact resistant than glass.
  • More affordable to install.
  • Easy to fit in stables, trailers and equestrian arenas 
As well as being cut to size and shape, acrylic sheets from The Plastic People can have holes drilled to your specific requirements – so why not come and purchase the material for your new stable mirror from us today?