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Kitchen Splashbacks - Acrylic (Perspex) & PVC

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With The Plastic People, you can order high-quality kitchen splashbacks – perfect for placement behind your kitchen cooker or sink.

Whatever style or design suits your kitchen best; you can rest assured that we have a number of options available.

Besides having a variety of different types of PVC & Perspex splashbacks to choose from within our outstanding product range, we also enable you to tailor your order through our cut to size and shape services.

We think you’ll be won over by the depth and glossiness of our acrylic kitchen splashbacks – not to mention how quickly and easily you can put them up yourself!

Maybe you're looking for something a bit more fancy but still really easy to install. If so, why not take a look at the new PVC splashback tiles by Innovera?

How to Order

Simply email us a drawing or a template and we'll send you a quote or choose from our popular shapes in our calculator opposite and enter your measurements.

Having it cut to the correct size and shape means you will be able to put your new acrylic splashback up yourself without any special tools.

You’ll only need to glue or screw them to your wall – it’s your choice.  Since they’re a doddle to fit, you’ll be able to get your new kitchen ready within a shorter space of time.

Once your new splashback is up, it's maintenance-free and will last a very, very long time with easy cleaning – simply wipe with a soft cloth.


There are a number of benefits to installing acrylic or PVC kitchen splashbacks

First of all, they provide protection from any unwanted splashes that can hit the wall while cooking on the hob. Over time, grease and other spillages will leave a lasting impression – so it’s important to keep your kitchen wall protected with a robust, yet stylish splashback panel that won’t look out of place.

Acrylic kitchen cooker splashbacks are a stylish, high-spec alternative to expensive glass splashbacks and time consuming tiling.

Where glass splashbacks can break, acrylic splashbacks are much less likely to – because they’re no less than 10 x stronger.

Where tiled splashbacks end up unhygienic with dirty grout, PVC & acrylic splashbacks are hygienically seamless.

They’re also very easy to fit, carry and handle – which makes them a much safer alternative to glass and even metal kitchen splashbacks which are often heavy and therefore more complicated to install.

With our variety of different vibrant colours and styles within our product range – so if you’re stuck hob splashback ideas then you’ve certainly come to the right place.

Discover inspirational kitchen splashback photos from our customers to help you to plan your dream upgrade. 

Take a look for yourself and get a free quote today.

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Acrylic/Perspex Kitchen Splashbacks

What Should I Do Before Ordering a Perspex Kitchen Splashback?

First of all, you need to take some measurements.

See how much plastic you need to cover the surface area behind your hob. Just make sure that there is a safe enough distance between the hob and where you plan to fix your splashback.

Acrylic is actually heat resistant up to 70 degrees – but it’s still wise to do your due diligence before you fix anything within close range of the hob.

The distance between the outer edge of an electric hob and the wall must be at least 60mm, while the distance for gas hobs must be at least 200mm.

Once you know your measurements, you’ll be able to get a quote.

If you notice that you need holes in the plastic to cater for plug sockets, then you can send us a drawing if you feel that helps.

How Do I Fit an Acrylic Kitchen Splashback?

The best kitchen splashbacks are those that are fitted safely and securely – so it’s important that you order with the right measurements.

There are a number of ways you can fix an acrylic splashback to a kitchen wall. You can bond the acrylic panel to the wall with high-strength adhesive – although it’s important to check that the wall is completely flat before you do this.

We can also drill holes into your order so you can screw the plastic into place if need be.

See our guide on acrylic splashback installation for more guidance on the best ways to go about doing this.


What Colours Can I Order?

In addition to our range of high gloss kitchen splashbacks and matt splashbacks – we also have a number of splashbacks available in a variety of different vibrant colours – from chilli red to spring green. It all depends on what you feel goes best with the design of your kitchen.

You can also purchase clear acrylic splashbacks with us if you prefer. As mentioned above, these are a more lightweight and durable alternative to glass – which makes them much safer for kitchen use.

For a more modern feel – sparkle acrylic splashbacks tend to work well in kitchens with a contemporary design throughout.
Again, it all depends on your personal preference.

What Are Your Kitchen Splashbacks Made From?

The kitchen splashbacks we sell are made from high-grade Perspex (which is a brand of acrylic) or PVC.

Perspex is a reputable supplier of strong acrylic sheets that are fit for purpose around the home and garden. Their product range is known for excellent performance in whatever setting they’re placed in.

Perspex kitchen splashbacks are no different.

Provided you’ve measured up correctly, you can expect your kitchen splashback to last years – while adding to the decorative style, design and overall character of your kitchen.

Why not start by getting a quote and ordering your new kitchen splashback today?