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Discover a superb range of top-quality multiwall, twinwall and solid polycarbonate sheets and panels here at The Plastic People, which can be bent, shaped, drilled and customised to meet your specific needs.

If you're looking for a clear plastic with glass like clarity, there are many reasons why you should choose polycarbonate.

If withstanding damage is very important, polycarbonate makes an excellent choice. Polycarbonate is around 250 x stronger than glass and less than half its weight. This makes polycarbonate easy and safe to lift and handle. Our clear polycarbonate sheets are UV protected to provide some protection from potential sun damage. This makes polycarbonate an ideal choice for safe, secure glazing, sheds and garden storage and for roofing designs, whether that be the coverings of patios, swimming pools, conservatory roofing, greenhouses and greenhouse glass, carports or canopies. Twinwall polycarbonate and multiwall polycarbonate are especially popular for roofing. Read our Help Choosing Polycarbonate For A Roof and learn more with our article about How To Choose Twinwall

Rest assured that we're expert polycarbonate sheeting suppliers and we’re confident that you'll join our many happy customers after shopping with us.  

Buy your polycarbonate sheets and panels to the exact measurements you need via our Calculator opposite or our choices below. Alternatively, email us your dimensions, drawings or requirements and we'll be happy to give you advice as well as a quote.

Letting us know the amount of material you need means we can supply exactly what you need for your project, cutting down on wastage and making the sheets easier for you to work with.  

(The picture above is from a customer who used polycarbonate as a way to protect their balcony space.) 

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