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PTFE Extruded Sheet

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PTFE Extruded Sheet


Available in a wide range of sizes, PTFE Sheet is a key engineering plastic with a wide range of enviable qualities. 
PTFE is an ivory white opaque plastic great for a number of DIY projects around the home - and you can order an extruded sheet to suit your needs today.  Available in a variety of sizes, we can fix you up with a PTFE sheet in no time, with standard delivery orders usually taking no more than 3 days to arrive. 

What is a PTFE sheet used for?
PTFE Sheet is a key engineering plastic highly specified because​it’s such a highly flexible, chemical resistant, thermal resistant, non-stick and electrically resistant material, of its extremely high temperature resistance, capability to withstand strong chemicals and acids and, It is famously, because offor ​its exceptional lack of friction which makes it a slippery plastic. 
In addition, PTFE sheet is also water resistant and offers a high electrical resistance; it is highly specified in high end electrical resistance appliances.

Therefore, it probably won’t surprise you to learn that PTFE is prominent in cooking appliances - mainly used as a non-stick coating for pans and other types of cookware​ and other uses include containers and pipework for corrosive chemicals. 

Key features of a PTFE sheet
In a nutshell, the key features of PTFE sheets include: 

● Temperature resistance - for both low and high temperatures. 
● Good chemical resistance - deals with corrosive chemicals well. 
● Good sliding and non-stick properties - perfect for dealing with food when cooking. 
● Low moisture absorption - works well in almost any environment it’s used in. 
● Longevity - PTFE can have massive benefits in manufacturing and engineering, not just in making tubes or liners for handling or storing corrosive chemicals, but by increasing the lifetime of parts and machinery they are part of (for example bearings and screws) 

Why you should choose the PTFE sheet
Besides from the benefits of this type of plastic and the wide range of uses available, there are many reasons as to why you should choose the PTFE sheet available with The Plastic People. 

In particular, longer lasting, higher-performance PTFE parts can add to the efficiency of any machinery, reducing the need for replacements, saving expense associated with downtime and fitting replacements, as well as reducing waste. 
We haveFirst of all - there is​a great selection of different sized sheets to choose from - and you can get a quote straight away once you make your selection in the quote calculator above. From there, it’s easy to make your order with minimal fuss. 

Simply select the size you want to order and proceed through to the online checkout. 
Standard delivery usually takes 3 days to arrive - otherwise, you can order through our next day delivery service or named day delivery service, if you have a day in mind that’s more convenient. 

For more guidance on this - see our delivery and returns​page. If you have any other special comments, you can let us know in the Comments box as you checkout.  And that’s it - you’re extruded PTFE sheet will be with you before you know it! 

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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is the operating temperatures of PTFE ?
260 degrees centigrade long term and short term. Long term typically means between 5,000 and 20,000 hours operating at this temperature without losing more than 50% of its performance. Short term typically means upto 2 hours at any one time.
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