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Child Safe Mirrors for Playrooms, Bedrooms & Schools

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Mirrored acrylic from The Plastic People is ideal when used as child friendly mirrors in playrooms or schools. Mirrors for kids need to be durable, and that's where our safety mirrors come in.

Playrooms are designed to be safe places to keep your children entertained – therefore, shatterproof, acrylic safety mirrors are far from uncommon. This is because they represent a much safer and child friendly alternative to traditional glass mirrors.

We sell safe, durable and affordable plastic sheets that you can fix to walls, ceilings, cupboards or doors.

Young children especially respond positively to seeing their own reflection, as it can stimulate curiosity and focus – which is good for improving interactivity and building self-awareness.

For toddlers, a reflective environment doesn’t just help to develop an inquisitive young mind, but can also aid with speech therapy and literacy at an early age.

Therefore, if you’re yet to design your playroom area – it’s worth factoring in the space to include a child safe mirror or two (depending on how much space you have to begin with).

Besides working wonders in kid’s playrooms, the high quality mirrored acrylic we sell can also be used for the same purpose beyond the home, in other, child friendly environments – such as safety mirrors for schools, or even nursery mirror walls, for example.

The beauty of mirrored acrylic is that it is very lightweight. In fact, it weighs around half as much as glass – which makes it very easy to fix to the interior of a room.

Sharp edges and corners of acrylic playroom mirrors can also be rounded to avert any potential accidents.

A child safe wall mirror can also add a nice decorative element to a bedroom wall – and with us, you can purchase mirrored acrylic cut to size and/or shape.

If you require a particularly bespoke order, look no further than our online quote calculator.
This is an easy process – simply enter your measurements and purchase your new child safe mirror from The Plastic People. 

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Child Safe Mirrors

How Do I Fit My Safety Mirrors?

Our Acrylic Mirror Adhesive is ideal for bonding mirrored acrylic to wood, brick or plaster.

For the best result, you need to ensure that you are fixing the mirror to a dry, dust-free and non-porous flat surface.

Then use a silicone sealant suitable for acrylic use to seal the mirror round the edges.

Alternatively, you can fix the mirror to your chosen surface with screws. 

Are These Types of Mirror Prone to Damage?

Mirrored acrylic is highly durable and easy to clean.

Unlike traditional glass mirrors, you needn’t worry about damaging the plastic during the actual process of fitting the mirror. The fact that plastic is much more lightweight also helps in this situation.

If the mirror gets marked by a pen for instance, it is easy to clean. Simply wipe down with warm soapy water and a soft cotton cloth. Chemical cleaner use on acrylic should always be avoided.

It’s hard to break acrylic, however in the rare event that damage occurs, it will snap into larger, more manageable pieces as opposed to many shards of sharp, hazardous glass – making it much easier to safely clear the area should any accidents happen.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Playroom Mirror?

You can get an idea of all specific costs when you refer to our online quote calculator. This is simply a case of entering your required dimensions.

We cut both silver and gold reflective acrylic sheets.

This can either be cut to size or cut to shape.

We always advise that you know the exact measurements of your fitting area before getting a quote. Once you have this information, you can enter it into our quote calculator in either millimetres, centimetres or inches.

However, if you want your plastic cut to a specific shape, there are six to choose from. 

This includes T-Shaped, L-Shaped, Triangle, Semi-Circle, Circle, and Oval-shaped acrylic – so you have plenty of choice. 

You can also buy silver acrylic mirror sheets from us separately at a fixed price depending on the density of the sheet you prefer

3mm x 2440mm x 1220mm – £143.93 (inc VAT)
5mm x 2440mm x 1220mm – £239.89 (inc VAT)

What Are Playroom Mirrors Made From?

Reflective plastic sold by The Plastic People is made from acrylic perspex

As mentioned, acrylic is safer to use as the material for a playroom mirror than glass. That said, there are a number of other benefits:

• Easy to fix. 
• Easy to keep clean. 
• 17x stronger than glass. 
• Excellent value for money. 
• More lightweight. 

The plastic we sell can help you design you child’s dream playroom.

So, make it happen by completing a free mirrored acrylic quote online today.