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Extreme Magnetic Secondary Glazing Kit

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Extreme Magnetic Secondary Glazing Kit image
Extreme Magnetic Secondary Glazing Kit
Extreme Magnetic Secondary Glazing Kit
Extreme Magnetic Secondary Glazing Kit
Extreme Magnetic Secondary Glazing Kit

Step 1 - Choose Colour & Size

Maximum: 1220mm
Maximum: 2500mm

Step 2

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Finishing Trim

Magnetglaze Extreme has an unobtrusive finish which can be further improved by adding Finishing Trim. The trim is a flat trim available in brown or white.  It is supplied as a 5m coil and is 32mm wide with rounded edges. It can easily be mitred (using a strong pair of scissors) for excellent cosmetic results.  The trim is self adhesive. 

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Extreme Magnetic Secondary Glazing Kit

The Extreme Magnetic Secondary Glazing kit here at The Plastic People is as quick and easy to fit as our popular Standard Secondary Glazing kits, but designed to be even stronger!

The Extreme Magnetic Secondary Glazing kit is ideal for insulating larger or very draughty windows.

This glazing kit consists of a clear as glass acrylic pane which is held in position at your window with a self adhesive powerful magnetic tape (10m long, 25mm wide) - instantly attachable and detachable for great convenience. This provides easy, quick and cost effective heat insulation along with instant access to your window making cleaning and ventilation simple.

This kit is recommended for glazing panels with a perimeter exceeding 4500mm. Please click the below link to make sure you re ordering the correct DIY secondary glazing kit.

Download our new Secondary Glazing PDF guides including Measuring Guide (Standard), Measuring Guide (Extreme) & Secondary Glazing Installation Guide for an insight into how to measure and install your Secondary Glazing for the best results.

Learn how to measure up for secondary glazing

What is secondary glazing?

Secondary glazing works as an additional layer of glazing for your existing windows. If measured and fitted correctly, it will essentially form a double glazed solution for your windows - that in turn helps with heat retention, condensation reduction and security. 

Plastic secondary glazing is a much more cost-effective alternative when you compare it to glass - and when you can cut it to any size or shape you need it to be - then installation should be a straightforward and safe process. 

Secondary glazing should always be fitted on the interior side of your window.

How effective is secondary glazing? 

There are a number of reasons why DIY secondary glazing is a great investment. 

First of all, you don’t need to replace your existing window pane to add secondary glazing yourself. This saves the cost you would incur when adding a double glazed glass window. 

Again, if fitted and sealed correctly - secondary glazing will do a useful job of retaining indoor heat, reduce condensation and make your existing window access more secure.You’ll also find that secondary glazing does a good job of preventing indoor draughts that could cause a chill. 

How Extreme magnetic secondary glazing works

We supply clear as glass acrylic for secondary glazing because it is lighter yet much stronger (17 x ) than glass and provides near perfect optical clarity. 

We suggest at least 4mm acrylic, although 5mm and 6mm acrylic will give more rigidity.

Enter the sizes you need for your secondary glazing pane above then select the number of rolls of extreme magnetic tape you require. The magnetic tape comes in a pack containing 10m of white steel tape to attach to your window frame and 10m of magnet tape (with a white backing) to attach to your acrylic panel. 

This provides easy, quick and cost effective heat insulation too, along with instant access to the window making cleaning and ventilation simple.

How to measure and order DIY secondary glazing

Measuring up for our DIY secondary glazing is simple: 

  • Measure the length and width of the glass window pane that you want to secondary glaze. Measure the visible glass then add at least 55mm to the length and width measurements. This allows for space to attach the magnetic tape to your window frame. 

  • Enter your measurements into our Cut To Size Quote Tool above and complete your order. 

How to install DIY secondary glazing

Our simple DIY secondary glazing is straightforward to fit: 

  • ​When your order arrives and you’re happy to start, begin by cutting and sticking the black part of the magnetic tape to the edges of your new clear as glass acrylic window pane. The steel and magnetic tapes both come in coils, so just measure off the length needed, cut and stick down into position.
  • Hold the acrylic window pane up to your window so that it overlaps your window frame equally on each edge.

  • Using a pencil, draw around the acrylic window pane onto your frame. Now cut and stick the white metal strip of the magetic tape to your window frame - stick it just inside the pencil marks.  

  • Finally, lift your acrylic glazing pane to the window and click into place.  

  • Always fit your secondary glazing to your main window frame, not to the opening part of the window.

Is secondary glazing suitable for listed buildings ?

  • Because this type of secondary glazing does not require any planning permission it is an ideal solution for immediately tackling draughts and condensation in listed buildings.  

Important considerations

  • Please check your existing window frame to see that you have at least 55mm of mounting surface available all the way round.

  • If you need more than 10m of Extreme Magnet please select the number of rolls from our menu above.

  • We do not recommend magnetic plastic secondary glazing for sloping windows or ceiling/roof windows.

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Can I place an order by phone?
We keep our prices as low as possible by providing a web service.  If you need some advice about choosing plastic our sales team will be able to help you on 0113 249 2222 or via email However, to benefit from the low prices on our site you will need to place your order online.  
Can I place an order in person?
Yes, callers are welcome at any of our trade counters in Leeds.
Do you offer an advisory service?
Our team of specialists are on hand to help and advice as you need at no cost – you can reach them on 0113 249 2222 or via With over 40 years in the plastics industry and knowledge of all materials, manufacturers and brands, you can be confident in our impartial advice. However, to take advantage of the low prices on our site, you will need to place your order online.
Do your prices include VAT?
Yes. Just contact us if you have a VAT exemption certificate, or are ordering from outside the UK.
How can I pay for my order?
If you are buying online, payments can be made securely by credit or debit card and PayPal.
How do I know which plastic I need?
Our team of specialists will be glad to help you work out which is the best plastic for your project / requirements. There is no charge for this service:  you can reach them on 0113 249 2222 or via With over 40 years in the plastics industry and knowledge of all materials, manufacturers and brands, you can be confident in our impartial advice. However, to take advantage of the low prices on our site, you will need to place your order online.
Can you cut / shape my plastic?

Yes, we can cut plastic to your specific measurements. Just key in your measurements into our Cut to Size calculator for an immediate quote/to place your order.  If you need holes drilling or your plastic bending or shaping in any way we can also do that for you – just let us know what you need.  You can tell us as you go through our online checkout process.

If you need a particular shape cutting, we can help. Send us your drawing/requirements to

How many rolls of magnetic tape do I receive with each new window panel ?
Our Magnetglaze kits come with 1 x 5m roll of magentic tape which is 12.5mm wide.

Our Magnetglaze Extreme kits come with 1 x 10m roll of magnetic tape which is 25mm wide.

You can order more magnetic tape as you order if you would like additional supplies.
How should I clean my acrylic windows ?
We are often asked about the best way to care for acrylic glazing. 

Acrylic glazing can be cleaned with warm soapy water and a soft cotton cloth. 

No chemical cleaning products should be used on acrylic as this will lead to damage to the acrylic. 

Alternatively, we are very impressed with suitable cleaner Vuplex for a shiny, cleaner, more lustrous finish with no smears or smudges. It makes colored plastics vibrant, clear plastics virtually transparent and plastic paints gleaming like new.  Vuplex is a product which delivers fast quality results with minimal effort and fuss. It also protects new plastic from scratches and grime and restores plastic which has fine scratches and in ground grime.
How thick should my secondary glazing window pane be ?
2mm thick should be suitable for most windows, but 3mm or 4mm can be used for large windows to give more rigidity. Please not that Magnetglaze Sash is designed to work only with 2mm thick Polycarbonate or Acrylic  sheet.
I need a specific size of plastic – can you help?
Yes, we can cut plastic to your specific measurements. Just key in your measurements into our Cut to Size calculator for an immediate quote/to place your order.
Will secondary glazing eliminate condensation ?
Condensation happens when the moisture content of warm air settles on a colder surface -  the colder the air, the less moisture it can hold.  Windows are are typically colder than the air in a room and therefore a noticeable place for condensation.  .On the face of it, because Secondary Glazing will have little effect on the airborne moisture in the home, it cannot solve condensation problems. On the other hand, because Secondary Glazing helps keep heat in the home which can cause less moisture to condensate, and by insulating windows (the most obvious place for condensation to occur) it certainly can reduce the worst visible effects
Will secondary glazing help reduce noise from outside ?
Opinions on the subject vary, especially as much of the information about noise reducing properties of windows comes from manufacturers themselves.  A consensus is that single glazing with a secondary panel is a better insulator than double glazing, and likewise double glazing with a secondary panel beats triple glazing.
Will secondary glazing make my home warmer ?
Yes, Secondary Glazing and Double Glazing should both prevent around 60% of window heat loss
Will secondary glazing work on larger windows ?

For large windows, such as 1200mm x 1200mm or bigger, you can place a couple of screws immediately below the secondary glazing panel to add support and prevent the chance of it slipping or detaching.

We recommend looking at Magnetglaze Extreme for larger windows.  This kit is ideal for insulating larger or very draughty windows. 

We offer standard, next day and named day delivery services.

Our larger orders are delivered via specialist couriers and we will email you the day before their delivery.  

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Standard Delivery - £9.96 

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Where possible, we will let you know if something is going to take longer than expected.

Standard delivery dates are estimated so please allow time to receive and check your order before you need to use the material or before contractors are due to begin work. If you need your delivery for a specific day, consider using either our Next Day or Named Day shipping services.

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We can deliver orders for clear acrylic, polycarbonate (up to 12mm thick) and silver acrylic mirror next day.  Where next day delivery is available we will offer you this choice during checkout. 

Please order before 1pm.  Orders received after 1pm will be delivered the following working day after. Working days are Monday to Friday; weekends and public holidays are excluded.

If any items ordered on a next day delivery are out of stock, we will contact you to organise alternative arrangements.

Named Day Delivery - £24.00

We have listened to your feedback & can now offer a named day delivery service across all of our products. 

Just add your plastic to your basket and select Named Day as the delivery option, and then pick your chosen delivery day. 

No more guessing when your parcels will arrive.


Safe Delivery
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We recommend you allow time between receiving your delivery and starting any work in case any part of your order needs to be replaced.

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