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Wood Sheets Cut To Size

It's not just plastic, we also supply a range of wood sheets cut to size that you can order for a variety of DIY projects. Whether you need natural wood sheets, cut-to-size wood panelling, or something bespoke for a special project, we can help source and cut sheet wood for your DIY projects using our industry leading machinery. With your wood cut to order, you can customise shapes, cut outs and drill holes to get exactly what you need.

Our wood cut to size service means you can order wood sheets online to your exact size and specifications without worrying about cutting it down to size yourself. It also means you only pay for what you need with no wastage. Your perfectly sized wood is then delivered straight to your door – it couldn’t be easier!

We offer a wide choice of CNC cut wood panels, laser-cut wood shapes or fully CNC routed wood sheets. These are available in a range of materials including multiple density fibreboard (MDF), oriented strand board (OSB), and plywood. Each wooden board can be cut (drilled and shaped) to your unique design and specifications.


Why buy wood sheets cut to size?

Reduce waste: Order exactly what you need and not a centimetre more! When you get wood cut to size, there are no odds and ends to dispose of, just the wood you need for your project, already shaped and drilled.

Economical: With our precision CNC or laser cut wood panels, you pay for what you order, making getting your wood sheets cut to size a great money-saving option.

Save time: Get started with your project as soon as your wood arrives- with your sheet wood cut to size and shape there’s no need to waste time with saws or drills.

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What size do wood sheets come in?

We can provide wood sheets in a wide variety of sizes, please use our calculator at the top of the page and we will provide you with a quote.

How much is a sheet of wood?

A sheet of wood can vary considerably in price, below we’ve summarised the main factors in determining the cost of a sheet of wood:
  • The type of material – some materials will cost considerably more than others, for example marine grade plywood will cost more than regular plywood.
  • The thickness of the material – as a general rule, the thicker the material the more it will cost.
  • Width and length – wider and longer sheets of wood will cost more.
Use our handy online calculator for cut to size and cut to shape wood and we’ll give you a quote for exactly how much you’ll pay.