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Acetel Plastic Sheets & Rods

Welcome to The Plastic People - where you can find high-quality acetal that’s perfect for use across a range of hygiene applications. 

The copolymer grade of acetal resin makes it the ideal combination of strength, stiffness and wear-resistance. What’s more, it absorbs very little moisture, is easily machinable, has a low thermal expansion rate and is genuinely porosity-free.

Manufacturers, engineers and component designers all benefit from using this type of plastic for a variety of different purposes. Generally, it’s seen as one of the very best engineering plastics for machinery used across a range of industries.

So, if you think you’d benefit from using this type of plastic in your industry - what are you waiting for? 

Come and get a free quote for acetal plastic and place your order with The Plastic People today!



What is acetal plastic?


First of all, you might have also heard acetal referred to as Polyoxymethylene (POM). 

Acetal is an engineering thermoplastic that is widely known for its strong physical and processing properties - retaining its hardness and rigidity when exposed to high temperatures, so you can see why it’s regarded as such a hard-wearing material.

Its thermal stability and chemical resistance therefore makes it an ideal high-performance option for a range of different types of engineering components.   

This includes mechanical, electrical and medical applications as well as food and hygiene products like coffee brewers and knife handles. 

What is an acetal rod used for?

Acetal rods are commonly used in the manufacturing industry - mostly because of the low-friction and impressive wear resistance of the plastic. 

This makes it a reliable solution for mobile machinery that’s in constant operational motion.

In the industrial environment, you might also find an acetal rod made to measure is a useful component in machining. 

Think about the different industrial applications that this could apply to. An acetal rod could form an important component required to power rollers and electrical conveyor belts, for instance. 

That’s because the ‘slippery’ texture of the plastic generates little to no friction whatsoever - so it can glide between moving components without becoming subject to wear and tear sustained over a long period of time and operation. 

Being able to slide easily is one thing, but acetal rods also take very little inertia to get them moving. Industrial acetal rods won’t stick or lock up which can cause issues for delicate or fine instruments where smooth operation is essential. Basically, it will never let you down! 

There really is no limit on where this type of sturdy and durable material can be used - and with The Plastic People you can order a bespoke acetal rod to suit your requirements.

What are the benefits of acetal sheets? 

Acetal sheets cut to size or shape are also useful for a wide variety of different applications. 

The main benefits include: 

  • It exhibits an elevated resistance to hydrosis, strong alkalis and thermal-oxidative degradation when compared to acetal homopolymer. 

  • It has high mechanical strength and rigidity. 

  • It has high impact strength, hardness and creep resistance. 

  • It offers excellent dimensional stability and machinability. 

  • It boasts low moisture absorption.

  • It makes for good electrical insulation. 

It’s worth noting that all of the above characteristics make acetal the preferred grade for food contact as well as medical and chemical applications. 

Food production machinery is therefore a particularly good example of where acetal does some of its best work along the production line. That’s because non-toxic acetal sheets resists the development and formation of bacteria - ensuring that the whole production process remains as hygienic as possible from start to finish.   

Acetal rods and sheets aside, the plastic itself is also often useful for bushings and bearings, gears, valves, manifolds, jigs and fixtures.

Essentially, it’s the perfect warehouse and factory plastic - and manufacturers and engineers can rely on this type of material to aid their everyday work.

When it comes to ordering acetal sheets with us, you can get an instant quote above. Simply select cut to size or cut to shape and enter your required measurements before proceeding through to the online checkout.  

How long does delivery take?

When it comes to delivery, there are a few options. 

It usually takes up to three days for your order to arrive through our standard delivery service, but you could also pay extra for next day delivery or even named day delivery is you have a more convenient day in mind. 

See our delivery and returns page for further guidance.

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Acetal Black Extruded
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