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DIY Secondary Glazing Kits (Standard & Extreme)

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Buy secondary glazing kits online with The Plastic People, for both temporary and permanent solutions. Secondary glazing is a cheaper double-glazing alternative that is easy to fit - watch us fit secondary glazing in our video above!

Download our new Secondary Glazing PDF guides including Measuring Guide (Standard), Measuring Guide (Extreme) & Secondary Glazing Installation Guide for an insight into how to measure and install your Secondary Glazing for the best results.

What are the benefits of secondary glazing?

Secondary glazing is a cheaper double-glazing alternative that keeps your room warm and helps stop condensation on windows. This is the perfect secondary glazing solution for renters, or those of you who don't want the cost of replacing your windows. Your DIY double glazed windows will be cost efficient and easy to install.

Secondary glazing provides an extra layer of protection from your home to the cold, it saves you money on heating bills, virtually eliminates condensation and also helps to reduce draughts from outside. All while keeping the character of your existing windows.

Secondary Glazing Cut to Size

We provide cost-effective, cut-to-your size or shape clear as glass acrylic glazing (which looks just like a glass counterpart but is around 10 x stronger). Along with your plastic glazing sheets will be magnetic strips to secure your acrylic pane onto your existing window.  

Order your secondary glazing online now and we'll supply your acrylic panes to fit your windows within a few days. Simply enter the sizes of your panes opposite or below and also pick up any extra magnetic adhesive below too.

Don't forget to also take a look at our  greenhouse glass too - using shatterproof polycarbonate: perfect for replacing your greenhouse's broken panels.

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About DIY Secondary Glazing

How does secondary glazing work?

Secondary glazing is added to your existing window.  A pane of glazing is connected to the frame of your existing window.  
This is different to double glazing which removes a single glazed window and replaces it. 

What is magnetic secondary glazing?

Our magnetic secondary glazing is a very easy to install system that creates a pocket of air between your current window and a new acrylic glazing window panel (which we supply). Together with this pocket of air, The Plastic People glazing panel reduces condensation, heat loss and draughts, improving your quality of life at around 10% of the cost of double glazing. 

How do you do secondary glazing ?

The Plastic People’s magnetic secondary glazing is simple to fit yourself without any tools. You will only need scissors to cut the magnetic tape provided. Stick the black side of the magnetic tape to the edges of your new secondary glazing panel.  Then, stick the white side of the magnetic tape to your existing window frame. Offer up your new panel to your window – the magnetic tape will hold it in place there.

Is secondary glazing much cheaper than double glazing?

Secondary glazing costs much less than double glazing. A window 900 x 1200 costs less than £60 to secondary glaze. A uPVC double glazed window costs in the region of £650 according to prices on The Windows Guide

What does secondary glazing do?

Installing secondary glazing will provide you with energy insulation and draught proofing to your windows. It saves you money in that it is a cheaper solution to double glazing. It provides a good option if you cannot replace existing windows due to living in period or listed property.

How thick is secondary glazing ?

3mm or 4mm clear acrylic or polycarbonate is best for secondary glazing. Windows larger than 800mm will benefit from being glazed with 4mm thickness as they will be more rigid.

How do you clean secondary glazing?

Clean our magnetic secondary glazing with warm soapy water and a soft cotton cloth. Simply remove the glazing from your window to wash to down, then re-attach back to your window frame.