Secondary Glazing

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Buy your secondary glazing here at The Plastic People. Our secondary glazing is sold as a ready to fit kit which is designed to install quickly and easily yourself. Our secondary glazing provides a low cost way to retain heat in your rooms and also helps to reduce noise from outside.

We provide cost-effective, cut-to-your size or shape clear as glass acrylic (which looks just like a glass counterpart but is around 10 x stronger) along with magnetic strips to secure your acrylic pane onto your existing window.  Fit this type of secondary glazing to reduce noise in a property, as well as the amount of heat lost through windows.

Order your secondary glazing online now and we'll supply your acrylic panes to fit your windows within a few days. Simply choose your panes below and also pick up your magnetic adhesive below too.

Don't forget to also take a look at our  greenhouse glass too - using shatterproof polycarbonate: perfect for replacing your greenhouse's broken panels. 

Secondary Glazing Products

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