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DIY Bathroom Splashback Installation Guide

Written by The Plastic People
08/05/2018 14:51:53

Acrylic bathroom splashbacks and shower panels are a fantastic, affordable way to create a beautiful bathroom - the stuff of daydreams. It's where luxury meets ultimate utility. And, if your funds and time are limited to invest in remodelling your perfect bathroom, acrylic bathroom splashbacks and shower panels are an ideal solution: they can quickly and inexpensively transform a bathroom that is looking tired or could do with a new lease of life.

These bathroom splashbacks come in an amazing array of colours and finishes - standard, gloss or matt – to suit all tastes. They also make great shower panels and can be used to cover shower walls. Made from premium coloured acrylic (perspex) these shower panels offer all the requirements of tiles but pack in many more benefits.  

As we cut all acrylic splashbacks to the perfect size and shape for your space, there are no joins or grout to clean (or get mouldy)! Splashback installation is a simple DIY process - and all you will need is a spare pair of hands and plastic glue. Read on to find out to measure for and fit your own splashback. To get an instant quote on a bathroom splashback, click here today. 
Measuring and Fitting Acrylic Bathroom Splashbacks

Whether you are an experienced tradesperson, or amateur DIY-er, you will find it easy to install your own acrylic backsplash in your bathroom. We have produced an in-depth guide to measuring for a splashback. If you need any extra help, click here to check it out

Remember that here at The Plastic People, we can cut acrylic to any size or shape you need - including providing cut-outs for sockets, plugs and plumbing! Available in 3mm, 5mm and 6mm thicknesses and in many colours, you can choose a backsplash to coordinate and contrast in your bathroom.

Here's what to do:

  • Measure the area of wall you’d like to cover with a shower panel.

  • Determine if you need any cut outs in, or special shapes for, your shower panel - and where they need to be.

  • Enter your measurements and the number of cut-outs you require to get an instant personalised price.

  • Buy online - you can attach a drawing for your splashback with your order too if you like.


Sink splashbacks

Possibly the quickest, easiest and cheapest upgrade is to install a sink splashback. Perfect even for DIY novices, measuring and fitting an acrylic sink splashback is very easy. Sink splashbacks are like installing one very large tile, but without the grout – and because acrylic is so light yet strong, handling it is easy, comfortable and stress free. Like our other products, acrylic sink splashbacks are available in any size, shape or colour.  For prices, simply input your width and height to get your acrylic splashback quote today.

Acrylic sink splashbacks and shower panels are so light to handle that fitting them yourself is easy. Solid colour acrylic splashbacks can be fixed to bathroom and shower walls using adhesive such as Serious Stuff. Translucent or tinted acrylic splashbacks can be screwed to bathroom walls (to avoid any adhesive showing through). 

Choosing an acrylic shower panel

For help choosing Acrylic Shower Panels you could visit your local DIY shop or take a look online. We hope you’ll check out our great selection of the latest high gloss colours as well as other popular colour choices.

If you need to cover a special shape or a little extra help, our friendly team will be happy to help you with a quote - just email your drawing plan straight to us.
Want some further advice?

If you are interested in Acrylic Bathroom Splashbacks or Coloured Acrylic Shower Panels and would like further details visit our splashback section or contact our friendly Customer Services Team who will be happy to help you choose and can send them to you at home cut to the size and shape you need.

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