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How to improve your kitchen with an Acrylic Splashback!

Written by The Plastic People
23/04/2018 09:25:46

The kitchen is ranked as the most popular room in the house and, for many, it's the hot-spot for most of the action - and the mess. But keeping on top of cleaning and renovations can be time-consuming - and costly. If a new kitchen is the stuff of your daydreams, but funding and implementing it the stuff of your nightmares, you might be interested in the easy, speedy and inexpensive transformation provided by cut to size acrylic splashbacks

Splashbacks provide a low-cost way to bring your kitchen quickly back on trend and protect kitchen walls that are prone to water damage, food stains, and general scruff. Easier, quicker and cheaper to install than tiles, hygienic acrylic kitchen splashbacks update your kitchen with minimal disruption. Installation is so easy you can do it yourself in an afternoon! 

In this blog, we are going to take a look at the perks of perspex splashbacks for your kitchen (and bathroom, if you so desire), as well as discuss how to choose and install one! Make sure to click here to check out our full range of perspex splashbacks on offer. 

Why are Splashbacks perfect for Kitchens?

Simply put, acrylic splashbacks are an affordable way to make your kitchen look brand new. Top of the makeover wish list is for new improvements to look the same as they did on day one and this is where kitchen splashbacks score highly.

There are many splashback choices – traditionally tiles and glass – but none that are as versatile, hygienic and easy to clean and fit than acrylic. Because they are cut from one sheet there are no joins or grout to clean, nor does the plastic  discolour over time.

Coloured acrylic sheets are typically available as large as 3m x 2m so splashbacks can be used to cover large areas without the need for joins. The end result is seam free and hygienic as well as visually stunning. Our acrylic splashbacks make a great choice, not least because they give a high end look at a low-end price:

1.    They come in amazing colour options: Bright primary colours, subtle neutral shades and tones as well as pearlescent and sparkly options. The latest acrylics are clear, high gloss coextruded with a colour effect layer. They make an excellent choice for a high-gloss look.
2.    They are very hygienic: As previosly mentioned, all our splashbacks are cut from one acrylic sheet and therefore are seamless. This means you won’t need to worry about grouting, cleaning grout or re-grouting. The benefit of acrylic is that dirt finds it hard to adhere to its perfectly smooth surface! Effective cleaning couldn’t be easier: our splashbacks simply wash clean with warm soapy water and a soft cotton cloth. Really dirty acrylic splashbacks benefit from cleaning with a mild, non-abrasive detergent added to the water or cleaning with an acrylic cleaner (chemical cleaners should be avoided as they are too harsh for acrylic and will damage it.) 
4.    Our Perspex equivalent kitchen splashbacks are easier, quicker and cheaper to install than other splashbacks - around 4 times faster than glass or tiles!
5.    The hard work is done for you: Your splashbacks arrive ready to fit in your wall space. The splashback will be cut to the size and shape you need to cover your area. That will include any socket holes being cut out ready as well as any other shapes you might need; for example, to allow for pipes or even to cover pipes!
6.    Installation is an easy DIY task: Acrylic kitchen splashbacks come ready shaped/sized to fit your wall area and they simply glue or screw to your wall. When you have your splashback, you'll notice it is very light - picking it up and putting it on your wall is relatively easy to do.

Installing a Splashback

Solid colour splashbacks can be fixed to kitchen walls using a suitable adhesive such as Strong Stuff. Lighter shades, translucent or tinted acrylic splashbacks can be screwed to kitchen walls to avoid any adhesive showing through. (If you're going to hang your splashback with screws, we recommend that you ask for screw holes to be ready-drilled into your splashback - then your splashback will arrive ready to hang). Click here to check out our range of adhesives.
They offer a high-end custom design without the high price tag. Acrylic comes in many styles, thicknesses, colours and finishes. Just like glass there are frosts, mattes, prints, and patterns as well as the vibrant, high-gloss shades Perspex acrylic has become renowned for. The Plastic People recommend 5mm Perspex branded acrylic for splashbacks. 

Splashbacks are generally produced in 3mm or 5mm acrylic. 5mm will give the splashback it’s stunning depth of colour as well as enough rigidity to display well. The thinner the acrylic the less depth of colour and the greater its flexibility too. Flexibility is an important consideration because a flexible splashback on an uneven wall risks a poor distorted appearance.

The quality of acrylic does vary in the industry. Some acrylic is produced in clean, state of the art factories from high quality resins while other acrylic is produced in lower quality factories using lower quality resins. The difference typically shows in the flex of the acrylic and in spots and imperfections, which affect durability and longevity. The Plastic People use Perspex acrylic or equivalent for all acrylic splashbacks.

Read how to measure for an acrylic splashback and how to fit an acrylic splashback in our guidance here. Alternatively email the friendly team at The Plastic People who will be happy to help.

How to Choose Your Acrylic Splashback?

For more information and advice about our kitchen splashbacks, including prices and having splashbacks cut to the sizes or shape you need, head over to our acrylic splashbacks page. If you’d like an idea of price, measure the area of wall you’d like to cover with a splashback and use our calculator to enter your measurements to get a price. If you will need socket holes or shapes cutting out, enter how many you will need too.
Alternatively, our friendly team at The Plastic People will be delighted to help by email or phone (reach them on 0113 249 2200). They've been creating acrylic splashbacks for years and supply to industry as well as homeowners.

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