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Garden mirrors are a useful, effective and attractive addition to any type of garden. Cut from reflective plastic, people often use a garden mirror as a safer, more robust and even more affordable alternative to domestic mirrors – which are usually made from aluminium glass. In terms of garden design, outdoor mirrors are said to be the perfect way to make your garden look considerably larger than it actually is.

That said, there are also plenty of other benefits.

Plastic garden mirror sheets can be cut to any shape or size you require.

This doesn’t just enable you to tailor the size of the mirror to appropriately scale up to your garden space, but it also allows you to get creative with the design of your outdoor area.

Outdoor garden mirrors add a decorative and magical element when placed in the right areas where they have the potential to be at their most effective.

This includes the areas of your garden where the mirror is likely to be exposed to a good level of natural light, and also at an angle or position where it can emphasise the scope of your garden.

They can also be used as outdoor illusion mirrors when fitted around gates or doors. They do an extremely good job of making it appear like there is another garden area beyond your property – when in reality, the mirrors simply project the reflection of your own garden.

The same can be said for garden wall mirrors that can be installed as ‘fake windows’ to project that same optical illusion effect. This is a great way to add mystique whilst again fulfilling the main purpose of appearing to make your garden bigger than its actual size.

The Plastic People provide plastic mirror sheets that can be cut to T-Shape, L-Shape, Triangle, Semi-Circle, Circle, and Oval shapes
All we need to know is the shape and size you require in order to give you a quote.

Simply enter your preferences and purchase your new garden mirror from us today.

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Acrylic Mirror
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Garden Mirrors

Are there different types of garden mirror?

The Plastic People provide many different types of garden mirror which can be bought as sheets or cut to your required size or shape.

The silver mirror effect tends to work nicely when placed on external brickwork or fencing. And can also be used as garden illusion mirrors that can be placed anywhere in the garden – even as part of a water feature.

How do I fit my garden mirror?

When bonding mirrored acrylic to wood, brick or plaster – look no further than our Acrylic Mirror Adhesive. If you opt for this method, then you ideally need to fix the mirror to a non-porous, dry and dust-free surface.

You also need to ensure that the mirror is sealed around the edge with a silicone sealant suitable for acrylic and external use.

Failing this, you can always mechanically fix mirrored acrylic with screws.

Do I need to be worried about the weather damaging my garden mirror?

Due to moisture and changes in temperature, plastic mirrors do weather outdoors over time, however the mirror itself will still remain reflective.

However, plastic mirrors for the garden tend to succumb to far less wear and tear than standard glass interior mirrors.

This is because exposure to water can often separate the reflective surface from the glass, whereas plastic sheets tend to deal much better with moisture.

How much does a garden mirror typically cost?

It depends on your own personal requirements.

The Plastic People can cut silver and gold acrylic (perspex) sheets to size and shape based on your specific preferences.

Obviously, the more plastic you need, the higher the quote will be. Our on-site price calculator provides more guidance on this.

For cut to size plastic mirrors, all you need to enter your required dimensions in either millimetres, centimetres or inches.

Cut to shape requirements on the other hand, vary based on the shape of plastic you choose from the six shapes available.

We also sell seperate silver acrylic mirror sheets in two thicknesses:
3mm x 2440mm x 1220mm – £143.93 (inc VAT)
5mm x 2440mm x 1220mm – £239.89 (inc VAT)

What are garden mirrors made from?

Plastic mirror sheets from The Plastic People are made from acrylic (perspex).

This type of plastic is known for being highly durable. This makes it the ideal material for a garden mirror, and much safer than glass.
Other benefits include:
  • Easy to use.
  • A better alternative to glass (acrylic sheets are 17x stronger).
  • Acrylic sheets are also more affordable than glass.
  • Acrylic sheets are very versatile. You can use them virtually anywhere around the exterior of your home and needn’t worry about them becoming weathered over time.
As mentioned above, all of our acrylic sheets can also be cut to size, polished and drilled to suit your needs – so come and start your garden mirror project with us today.
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