Polyethylene Sheets

Polyethylene — or PE for short — is one of the most versatile plastics available and is excellent for a large number of industrial and general applications.

Order PE at The Plastic People and receive plastic that offers great strength, achieves low coefficient of friction, and is highly resistant to both corrosion and chemical exposure.

Our selection of PE plastic is incredibly vast. Take a look at the range below and find virgin, partially reprocessed and modified ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) sheets and rods in three grades:

•    PE 300 is easy to fabricate and offers low coefficient of friction, so can retain excellent strength impact even at -30C. The material is commonly used to make tanks and silos.
•    PE 500 offers high wear resistance and performs at -50C. It is chosen where repeated impact is expected, such as fenders and protection strips.
•    PE 1000 is the most wear resistant and can operate even when temperatures drop as low as -270C.
Buy PE sheets and rods online or contact us with details of your requirements to get a personal quote over the phone, via email, by fax or through the post.

Polyethylene Products

Natural Polyethylene 500
Natural Polyethylene 500
from £121.00 inc VAT
Natural Polyethylene 1000
Natural Polyethylene 1000
from £205.67 inc VAT


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