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Plastic Mirrors

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The selection of plastic mirrors here at The Plastic People make for excellent alternatives to glass mirrors. This is because our plastic mirrors are stronger, more flexible, shatter-proof and safer.

We have a choice of two different plastic mirrors: acrylic mirrors and polycarbonate mirrors.

Acrylic mirrors are 17x stronger than glass; polycarbonate mirrors are stronger again and are unbreakable mirrors.

Because acrylic mirrors are safer alternatives to glass mirrors they are popular for use in public places - our acrylic mirrors end up in dance studios, gyms, bedrooms, gardens (as a way of reflecting light and giving the appearance of a bigger space) as well as in craft projects.  

Acrylic mirror can also be used outside and are great at helping reflect light around gardens and outdoor spaces to make them look brighter, lighter and more spacious. Acrylic mirror will weather outdoors over time with changes in temperature and moisture. The mirror will still be attractive and reflective but will have a more weathered appearance.

Our polycarbonate is an excellent problem solving mirror in that it will not smash and is vandal resistant. They are popular in public spaces where they may be vandalised.

Both acrylic mirrors and polycarbonate mirrors can be bought cut to the sizes you need using our highly accurate cut to size service opposite or as sheets from the boxes below.

Have a specific shape or a disc in mind ? Not a problem, just get in touch and we will work with you to provide your ideal acrylic mirror or polycarbonate mirror.

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Acrylic Mirror
Acrylic Mirror
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Uses for Plastic Mirrors

Because of their lightweight and durable nature, plastic mirrors are suited to a wide range of applications. They are a great choice for bathrooms and bedrooms. If you are renting or low on space you can get a custom shape full length acrylic mirror that will make the most of the space you have. 

Acrylic gym mirrors are also a great choice for a home or commercal gym. The sturdy plastic is better suited for accidental knocks than a glass mirror and is a better choice for panelling a whole wall.