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Acrylic Mirror

Acrylic Mirrors
We think that acrylic mirrors outperform glass in every scenario. For a start, they are half the weight of glass and 17 times stronger! Acrylic mirrors can also be cut to any size or shape, providing you with a bespoke design for a low cost.
Check out our blogs for some advice about how to work with and decorate with acrylic mirrors. Click here to read more.

Bathroom Mirrors

All bathrooms have a mirror or two, but you can make yours stand out with a bespoke design! We cut acrylic mirrors to any size or shape, which ideal for those who want a handmade touch in their home. 

Mirrors can help smaller bathrooms feel brighter and bigger too, as they bounce light around the space.
Mirrored Furniture
DIY mirrored furniture is an easy task that can have a big difference in any room. Items such as mirrored wardrobes are commonplace – but can be expensive to install. Using plastic helps to keep the cost down!
Mirrored furniture helps to reflect light around a room and make it feel bigger. Click here to read our guide on creating your own mirrored furniture.
Gym Mirror
Mirrors are always found in gyms, so if you are creating your own home gym, you need to install a mirror too!
Acrylic mirrors can be easily mounted to walls (with just glue!) and are simple to keep clean.
Stylish Stairs
Our customers have sent in photos of how they are creating modern and chic stairs with the help of acrylic mirrors. It really is a unique design!
Child-safe Mirrors
Acrylic mirrors are safe around children. They are lightweight and shatterproof, ensuring that no one will be hurt. Click here to find out more about using plastics around children.
If you want to try your own project and you need any advice, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer service team.

Learn more about Silver Acrylic Mirror, how to order and pricing here.

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Acrylic Mirror
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Acrylic Mirror
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