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Six Ways to Decorate with Mirrors in your HomeĀ 

Written by MS
12/04/2021 10:00:53

Mirrors are truly versatile. They are one of the few accessories in our homes that offer both style and substance in one single item. What’s more, a mirror can be placed in any room, and the range of affects you can create is frankly endless. Mirrors can blend into rooms or be statement pieces. They can be purely functional additions or artistic interventions. A well-placed mirror can lift an entire space. 
If you have read any of our previous design blogs here at The Plastic People, you will know practicality is of the utmost importance to our team. Mirrors are the simple solution to a range of interior design dilemmas and faux pas. On top of all this, you don’t need to be a design expert to work with mirrors. 
In this blog, we are going to take you on a crash course decorating journey and focus on six key ways you can use mirrors in your home to lift a space. Mirrors are universal items - available at a range of different price points - meaning that many of the looks we describe today and achievable for all people. 
If you are in search of a particularly cost-effective mirror, we offer a range of plastic mirrors. These mirrors can be cut to any size or shape, including your bespoke designs and measurements. So, whether you need a circular, square or entirely unique mirror, we can help you! Plastic mirrors are also shatter-resistant and 17 times stronger than glass. Click here to check out our full range of mirrors. 
1. Bouncing natural light into a room 
We all primarily use mirrors to get ready in the morning, but why limit their reflective capability there? Mirrors are ideal accessories to help bounce light into - and around - any room. This is particularly helpful when spaces are smaller/darker or have outside elements (trees) blocking the natural light from entering. 
This strategy also works outside. If you have a garden that’s on the smaller side or is north-facing (the direction in which there is the least amount of sunlight), a well-placed mirror can really brighten and widen your outdoor space. We supply garden mirrors too and they are weatherproof. Click here to find out more.
The positives of allowing additional, natural, light into a space are endless. In short, though, extra light helps make a space feel bigger, more airey and more welcoming. Light also helps wake you up in the morning so make sure to open your curtains and really let the sun in!
2. Making a Statement 
When we talk about ‘statement pieces’ in our homes, people often think of exotic wallpapers or structural elements, such as a fireplace. Nevertheless, by hanging items on your walls, you can achieve the same effect. 
Mirrors work incredibly well as a statement piece. This is because, as mentioned previously, they are great at reflecting light. But, mirrors are also available in a range of intricate and exciting designs which can help draw the eye into a room. For instance, you might for an arch shape with silver edging to provide your room with a more chic and sophisticated feel. 
Here’s an extra tip for you: any wall features can become statement pieces. Why not experiment with big light features, or put up some stunning artwork or photos? If you require custom made picture frames, we stock clear-as-glass acrylic panels. Click here to get yours today. 
3. Adding Texture 
In last week’s blog, we spoke a bit about maximalism and bedroom design. The idea was to introduce a range of fabrics and textures into a room to make it feel more welcoming and cosy. Mirrors can help add texture to a space too. 
On one level, the mirrors can reflect the texture of other accessories that are already present in the room. You may have a collection of colourful cushions, for example, that you want to reproduce around the room. 
Nonetheless, a mirror itself can also have texture. By this, we mean that mirrors can be framed in intricate and beautiful ways. Wooden detailing will add a rustic feel to a mirror, for instance. Additionally, you might want to opt for a timeworn mirror; its wear and tear can add character to the mirror and room. 
4. Bringing the Outside In
This is another common topic of discussion in our blogs. Here at The Plastic People, we are massive fans of letting nature and plantlife seep into your interior design plans. Again, mirrors can help achieve a more natural tone to any space. 
In the first instance, use mirrors to reflect more earthy tones in your room. Position them in front of - or at an angle to - potted plants or any soft-furnishings that use green/brown tones, reflecting the natural theme around the space. 
You can also use mirrors as an extra window to help maximise the grand view you have outside. Place the mirror on the opposite wall to the window to give you an almost panoramic view of the great outdoors - you won’t regret it!
5. Grouping Mirrors Together 
This fifth design idea links very closely to our section on making a statement. You can group a selection of mirrors on one single surface and create something quite magical. This typically works well with a collection of smaller mirrors, but if you wanted to use just two or three larger ones, the impact would be spectacular. 
By grouping lots of the same item, you are drawing the eye into the space - and keeping it in place. The room will feel instantly bigger with a mirror wall too. We recommend introducing variety, however. Choose a few mirrors of different designs/shapes and place them sporadically along a wall. Anything too precise will look unnatural. 
6. Mirrored Furniture 
Our final design tip is all about integrating mirrors more closely into the furniture of a room. Creating mirrored furniture is ideal for smaller rooms that do not have enough wall space for decorative mirrors. You can create mirrored wardrobes, dressing tables, and a range of other furniture items. 
Though it may seem a rather challenging DIY task to complete, creating mirrored furniture is actually fairly straightforward. To help you along every step of the way, we wrote a guide not so long ago on just this subject! Click here to check it out. 
That concludes this blog on decorating with mirrors in your home! We hope one of these six tips spoke to you and your design ideas. Remember to check out our range of made to measure plastic mirrors. Do get in touch if you would like a bespoke shape/design made. Click here to find out more. 
If you take any of these design tips on board, we want to hear from you! Get in touch via our social media channels to share your own home improvement and decor projects. We can be reached at @barkstonplastic on Instagram and Twitter. Alternatively, you can message us on Facebook by clicking here
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