Make Your Own Mirrored Furniture

Written by The Plastic People
30/01/2018 14:03:13
Mirrored furniture has been popping up everywhere and many of our customers have excelled with their own mirrored furniture creations so we thought it was time to feature some of their work and talk about how you can transform your furniture to make your own mirrored creations. Mirrored furniture can be so expensive to buy and easy to break and that's why we love our acrylic mirror for this purpose.

Morris Mirrors - The Plastic PeopleAcrylic Mirror Dance StudioPlastic Mirrored table top - The Plastic PeopleDIY Mirrored Bedside Table - The Plastic People

Because acrylic mirror is 10 x stronger than glass mirror it is much, much harder to break. If it did ever break, you wouldn't find it in hundreds of tiny pieces like a broken glass mirror - rather one or two large pieces.  The other wonderful thing about acrylic mirror is its weight.  It is around half the weight of glass so it is remarkably easy to lift. Being both light weight and superstrong means acrylic mirror is much safer to work with than glass. And great in children's rooms. We love the picture sent in by the mum who has incorporated a mini dance studio to her daughter's bedroom!

Before you start transforming any piece of furniture with mirror (whether acrylic or glass) measure up or make templates of the areas you wish to cover.  These templates can then be given to your mirror supplier and they can cut the mirror to the sizes and shapes you need and drill any holes where you might want them, saving you the tricky job.   Alternatively write up a list of the sizes and shapes needed and provide this list to your mirror supplier instead.  With a bit of planning and patience on your part you can have all the mirror shapes you need supplied without having to attempt the cutting yourself.  You can even order the  mirror online and have it delivered to avoid the possibility of it damaging while you transport it (though this is very unlikely with acrylic mirror given  its strength).

Depending on what the piece of furniture you wish to cover with mirror, your fixing choices vary.  If you are covering the top of a piece of furniture - for example, the grey dressing table above - you may simply wish to lie the mirror onto the top of the furniture and give it some resistance by using some rubber stops to prevent slippage.  If you wish to adhere mirror to your furniture - for example, covering wardrobe doors above - you may prefer a clean, seamless look and like to choose a suitable adhesive rather than mechanically fixing the mirror with screws. A suitable adhesive for acrylic mirror is Evo-stik's Acrylic Mirror Adhesive.   

For advice using acrylic mirror our team of friendly plastic epxerts will be glad to help. Contact them here.

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