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Child-safe Mirrors for Bedrooms & Playrooms

Child-safe Mirrors
If you are worried about using traditional glass mirrors are your children, consider opting for acrylic instead. Acrylic mirrors are entirely child-safe. It is a hygienic material which can be wiped clean and, additionally, acrylic is 10 times stronger than glass.
When acrylic breaks, it does not shatter into lots of pieces like glass. Instead, acrylic will snap into a few larger, blunt segments that are easy to spot and dispose of, leading to less cuts and injuries.
Playroom & Bedroom Mirrors
Acrylic mirrors are great in smaller spaces as they help bounce light around the room and make it feel bigger. But they can also be used to create sensory play areas for young, developing kids. Experts have found that young children can notice their reflection from around 18-months old.
Children are often fascinated by reflective surfaces – especially if they can see smaller toys being reflected too. Customers in the past have created mirrored play tables and other spaces to allow children to explore this interest further.
In the Garden
We also champion the use of acrylic mirrors in the garden and other outdoor spaces. Again, this helps bounce light the space, but remember to position your mirrors carefully as they can intensify the sun’s rays and create focussed heat spots.
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Child-safe Mirrors for Bedrooms & Playrooms
Child-safe Mirrors for Bedrooms & Playrooms
Child-safe Mirrors for Bedrooms & Playrooms
Child-safe Mirrors for Bedrooms & Playrooms
Child-safe Mirrors for Bedrooms & Playrooms
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