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5 Top Tips for Selling your Home FastĀ 

Written by MS
10/05/2021 10:30:50

We’re approaching the time of year where the housing market is at its peak in the UK. From the start of Spring (around March) onwards, people begin to list their properties and by June the market is flooded with new homes for sale. In fact, the early summer months (June/July) is typically when most deals are made so if you are looking to sell your home this year, it’s time to start getting it ready for viewings! 
The past year (plus) of lockdown has put a pin in many of our plans. Indeed, with each lockdown, the housing market took a few knocks and prices are generally down. Nonetheless, now is the perfect time to find a new place to live - especially if you are looking for a larger and more spacious property. 
On top of prices being down across the board (around 6.4% on average), home mortgages are at a historic low. With the recent budget too, Rishi Sunak announced some new help-to-buy programmes for young homeowners, which aim to keep deposits low (at 5% in some cases). All things considered, there are definitely some bargains out there, if you know where to look! 
With this in mind, we’ve decided to put together a new blog with our top 5 tips to prepare your home for a quick sale. By considering all these points, you are sure to have a speedy and successful time on the market. So, get your pen and paper ready, and start building your new life today! 
1. Decluttering 
This is, perhaps, the most obvious point on our list: no one is going to make an offer on your home if they cannot see your home. In order to make any property saleable, it needs to be clean, tidy and decluttered. 
For a quick sale, this means stripping your home back to the bare minimum. Remove any personal and sentimental decor and hide away your less glamorous items. Homebuyers want to be able to imagine themselves in a space - and this is easier to do in a clutter-free space. 
If the thought of tackling your whole home sounds daunting, do not worry! A few weeks ago, we put together a blog all about storage solutions and ideas (many of which are cheap). Click here to check that out and get your cleaning routine started! 
2. Repairs 
Unless you’re pitching your home as a fixer-upper, it’s best to ensure that the property is in near-perfect condition. This means tackling the large and small issues alike. If you have a broken tile, replace it. If your paint is peeling in certain places, go over it again with another coat. 
Here a few things that you should ensure are working before viewings:
  • Any and all light fixtures (no one wants to rewire when they move in). 
  • All the plumbing (buyers love to check water pressure etc). 
  • Use sealant/filler to deal with any damage to the floor or carpet. 
If your property looks ready to move in immediately, then it will fly off the market quicker! The majority of home repairs can be completed for free or on a tight budget. Check out our DIY guide to completing home repairs with plastic here. 
3. Neutral Tones
In the first section, we mentioned that you should depersonalise your home in order to make it saleable - this extends to the colour scheme and palette. Neutral tones are a failsafe when it comes to getting a home ready to sell. You may have an extravagant taste and opt for bright fuchsias and yellows, but many people prefer the classic whites/greys in their home. 
Of course, the odd spot of colour is not a bad thing - you do not want a clinical-looking home. But it is best to add colour through soft furnishings that can be easily moved around or replaced if needed. Thankfully, paint can be acquired for a relatively small cost. It may take you a few weeks to cover your entire home in white paint, but it will pay off in the end when you make a quick sale! 
4. Lighting
When buyers come to look at your home, they will have a checklist of their requirements - and good lighting is usually one of them. Brightening up your home will provide a better first impression and demonstrate that you have nothing to hide from the buyer. 
Make use of natural light wherever possible; open up any curtains and remove obstructions from in front of windows (ie. large plants or furniture items). Mirrors are ideal for helping bounce light around a space and making it feel bigger. You can check out our guide on decorating with mirrors by clicking here. 
If you do not have a lot of natural light in your home, do not worry. Higher wattage bulbs help provide a similar ‘natural’ and ‘bright’ feel without the need for the sun blazing into each room. Opt for white lights over yellow ones to help too. 
5. The Most Important Spaces 
Our final tip is about the two most important spaces in the home: the kitchen and the garden. (If you are without a garden, then, you only need to worry about the kitchen - and maybe the master bedroom). 
Kitchens are often what sell a house and so you need to make the most of yours. Ensure that it is in spick and span condition and complete any necessary repairs. If you have the budget to do so, maybe update any appliances to modern ones. We have an entire blog dedicated to the kitchen design trends of 2021, you can check that out here. 
Similarly, families love gardens so make sure yours is in a presentable condition. This may involve spending a few weekends in gardens clearing rubbish and fixing the lawn. Hiring a team of landscapes for a couple of days is incredibly beneficial. Make sure your outdoor space is also child-friendly. A few weeks ago, we wrote all about garden design ideas. Click here to find out more.
That just about brings us to the end of this guide on preparing your home for sale. By following these five tips, you are sure to have an easy ride through the housing market and speedy sale! 
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