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Kitchen Design Ideas and Trends for 2021 

Written by MS
22/03/2021 10:00:29

Our kitchens are the beating heart of any house. In fact, kitchens are typically the room in which we spend the majority of our time at home. It’s the place we cook, eat and socialise on a daily basis. Throughout the pandemic, the importance of these ‘hub’ spaces in our homes has only become clearer. 
Similarly, in recent years, online kitchen design/renovation tools have skyrocketed in popularity. As people are less able to visit showrooms, kitchen planning, and 3D modelling tools have become the primary way we can all begin to imagine what our ideal kitchen space would look like. 
At the end of the day, we can’t all afford to have a designer kitchen, however. Companies like Wren Kitchens and Magnet offer full kitchen renovations but, for this service, you have to pay a high price. That’s where we here at The Plastic People come in. 
If you are a regular reader of our design blogs, you will know that it’s no secret that we love a bargain! If something can be done cheaply, we are there! In this same vein, we are also massive supporters of DIY tasks because it is a more cost-effective and sustainable solution to home improvement. 
In this latest blog from The Plastic People, we are going to think about how you can get a professional and modern kitchen design without breaking the bank. Our boffins have been racking the numbers and working out how you can get the top design trends of 2021 on a tight budget! So, strap in and read on because you are about to learn some secrets! 
If you are more of a ‘visual’ learner, we have begun putting all our content onto Pinterest. We have created a range of boards on home, bathroom and garden design and DIY Tasks. Click here to check them out now. 
The biggest trend we’ve noticed in kitchen design in recent years is the move toward louder and brighter colours. Slowly, we are all doing away with the whites and pastels of the minimalist chic and welcoming bright greens, oranges and blues back into our homes! We are fans of this trend and so have a few ideas about how you can introduce a splash of colour into your kitchen this year. 
DIY Painted Kitchen Cabinets 
Any keen social media users will no doubt be aware of the latest design trend, which involves painting your kitchen cabinets, cupboards and other storage items. The favourite on Instagram and Pinterest seems to be a rather deep and dark green - it is incredibly stylish! 
We’re warning, though, painting cabinetry is a time-consuming process - especially if you want a professional finish. To maximise your efforts, you need to prepare any cabinets before painting. This means you need to wash them down (warm, soapy water will do the trick) and then sand them lightly, so give your paint a surface to stick. Shiny and glossy surfaces are incredibly hard to paint on to. 
Here are some tips when you get onto the painting process:
  • Remove the doors and paint separately for ease of access. 
  • Use a foam roller rather than a paintbrush (avoids brush hairs sticking to your cabinets). 
  • A gloss or semi-gloss paint finish is best for kitchen cabinets (avoid eggshell and matte).
  • Two (or even three) coats are always better than one. 
  • Let your cabinets dry fully before reattaching. 
Coloured Kitchen Splashbacks
If you are not in the mood to get out your paintbrush and dust sheets (and we honestly can’t blame you), the easiest way to add colour to a kitchen is with a coloured splashback or selection of tiles. 
Kitchen tiles are having a bit of a resurgence in popularity at the moment, but unless you are an experienced decorator, tiling is something to avoid. Grouting can be a bit of a nightmare: it is messy and needs to be delicately applied. Tiles are also typically quite expensive, especially if you after a mosaic or bespoke design. So, unless you are getting a professional in, avoid kitchen tiles. 
Our solution here is to introduce a perspex (acrylic) splashback (or backsplash - however you feel) into your kitchen. You can aim for one feature wall or make additions to the whole room; it's your choice!
What’s more is, perspex splashbacks double-up as a form of protection. Positioned behind sinks or worktops, splashbacks prevent you from damaging the wall, which will save you a buck or two in future. Perspex can be stuck in place with glue as well - it really is that simple!
We offer splashbacks in a rainbow of colours (including the beloved royal blue and apple green) and a wide range of finishes (matte, high gloss, and even sparkly). There is something to suit every taste! Find out more and see our full range by clicking here. 
Kitchen Storage 
We have already talked about how to paint your kitchen cabinets, but what if you are in need of more storage? Our kitchens are full-to-bursting, to be honest. Between the crockery, pantry items, and cooking appliances, you couldn’t squeeze much else in! And, if you don’t have a utility room, this problem is only made worse. 
Luckily for you, we have some DIY and cost-effective storage solutions and ideas for all areas of your home. In last week’s blog, we went into lots of detail on home and garden storage, so you want an in-depth guide check that out. Click here to read it now. 
Here a couple of quick storage solutions for your kitchen:
  • (DIY) Kitchen Shelves: Two mains materials can be used for kitchen shelving: wood (MDF or real) and acrylic. We, of course, recommend the latter. Our customers have used our cut-to-size clear and coloured acrylic as DIY shelves for years. Click here to find out more
  • Baskets, Tins, and Jars: Don’t throw away any of the smaller containers we collect in life if you think they could be useful storage. Keeping jars by for things like grains, rice and cereal is a great space-saving tip. 
Kitchen Furniture 
Now, we may be lovers of DIY, but we are not experts on how to make your own furniture items from scratch… Who would want to do that anyway? We do, however, have some tips on how to push your current furniture further by giving it a new lease of life or making it last longer. 
Here are our top kitchen furniture tips:
  • Painting your Furniture: The simplest way to update your furniture is just to give it a new lick of paint. Follow our tips above for cabinets and apply them here too. Don’t be afraid to get a bit funky with your choice in colour either; an orange chair never hurt anyone!
  • Worktop Wraps: Replacing a whole kitchen counter is a no-go if you are on a tight budget, but you can add a new wrap to one. Worktops are typically vinyl and fairly cheap. If you want something that offers a little more protection, you can secure acrylic panels to the top of any work surface. Find out more here. 
  • Perspex (Acrylic) Furniture Protectors: If you have an old table you want to modernise or a new table you want to protect, our acrylic tabletops are the ideal solution for you. Available in clear or coloured perspex, these made to measure sheets sit snugly atop any surface. They are ten times stronger than glass tops and shatter-resistant. Click here to get yours today.
With that said, we have just about exhausted our kitchen ideas. We hope you learned something from our kitchen design blog and have a few ideas to take away and implement in your own home. If you would like to share your projects with us or get any more information on the above, get in touch! Our social media is @barkstonplastic, and our customer service team can be reached at service@theplasticpeople.co.uk 
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