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Twin and Multiwall Polycarbonate Clear Sheets

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Twin and Multiwall Polycarbonate Clear Sheets image
Twin and Multiwall Polycarbonate Clear Sheets
Twin and Multiwall Polycarbonate Clear Sheets
Twin and Multiwall Polycarbonate Clear Sheets
Twin and Multiwall Polycarbonate Clear Sheets
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Clear Twinwall and Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

Our twinwall and multiwall polycarbonate sheets are ideal for roof glazing.  That's because these polycarbonate sheets provide remarkable impact resistance (they are virtually unbreakable) and provide long-term weather durability (they perform extremely well in temperatures from  -40 degrees C to +120 degrees C).  Our multiwall sheets will withstand storms, hail, wind, snowfalls, ice and, because they are covered with a UV protection , perform well in prolonged hot sunny weather too.  They will block 98% of harmful UV rays from the rooms or spaces they cover.

In addition, our multiwall polycarbonate has high levels of light transmission and superb heat insulation characteristics, both of which offer cost savings both by conserving energy and because no heavier, more expensve structures are needed to hold it in place.   Its light weight also makes it much easier to lift on to a roof, requiring less labour. Because it is so tough there will be no breakages during installation.

Our multiwall roofing sheets also have excellent spanning strength whilst maintaining a degree of longitudinal flexibility for curved structures. They work well for greenhouse glazing, carports, patio covers, conservatories and canopies.

Because the multi-layer structure of our twin wall and multiwall polycarbonate sheeting also retains heat and provides insulation, where heat buildup is an issue, choose our Opal tint variants as they reflect a high degree of solar energy.

Complimentary Cut To Size Service - on all Twinwall and Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

We offer complimentary cutting on all of our twinwall and multiwall polycarbonate sheets. We will cut the sheets you order to the sizes you need for your project. We cut to a 3mm tolerance and both the sheet(s) ends will be pre-taped with aluminium and anti-dust tapes. Just let us know what size you want the sheets cutting to in the "Order Notes" box as you checkout and we will cut the panels to the sizes you require and deliver them to you ready to use.

Please note we cut orders to a tolerance of +/- 12mm.

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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

How durable is polycarbonate ?

As polycarbonate is so strong, you can be confident you'll not need to replace the panels anytime soon. The material is also ideal for making cold frames and cloches, as well as replacing glass to make vulnerable doors and windows more secure.

What effect does UV have on polycarbonate ?
Solar radiation has a particularly harmful effect upon materials that are not protected.  Our multiwall polycarbonate comes with a UV protected surface, ensuring long-term optical quality even under UV exposure.
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