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PVC Drip Trim

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PVC Drip Trim
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PVC Drip Trim

Clip the Snapa PVC Drip Trim along the width of polycarbonate glazing sheets, often opposite the side connected to a wall. Made from PVC, the  Snapa Drip Trim is ideal for smaller DIY projects such as canopies, carports, verandas or covered walkways.
When fitted the Snapa PVC Drip Trim prevents any water entering the sheets themselves. It comes in a 2100mm length and is easy cut to achieve the required length.

Use With

Use Snapa PVC Drip Trim with polycarbonate glazing in a range of sizes: 10mm, 16mm, 25mm, 32mm & 35mm.

Fitting Instructions

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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is a glazing bar ?
A glazing bar is a bar or rigid supporting strip between adjacent panes of polycarbonate or glass. .Glazing bars are commonly found in roof structures. The Plastic People have glazing bars united to self support roofing structures as well as rather supported roof structures. Our glazing bars are suitable for both polycarbonate and glass.

What is the best clear roofing material ?
When it comes to natural light and durability, Polycarbonate sheets stand out as an ideal roofing material. That’s because polycarbonate sheets allow almost exactly the same amount of natural light into a structure as glass and much more than fibre glass while also being more durable than glass and fiberglass. Choose from transparent, semi-transparent and opaque in a range of colors and tints
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