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Alukap-XR Ridge Bars

The ALUKAP-XR Ridge Bar is part of the excellent ALUKAP-XR glazing bar range renowned for superior durable quality, neat watertight aesthetics and a fast installation time.
Alukap®-XR Ridge works in conjunction with the standard Alukap®-XR glazing bars (45mm and 60mm), and Hip glazing bars, giving excellent cover for the hip and standard glazing bars adjoining at a ridge junction.
These ridge bars accommodate roof angles from 5 to 45 degree pitches thanks to the face of the upright of the Alukap®-XR Ridge Bar being designed at a special angle to make abutments for most common pitches.  The ridge bar is also designed with a full aluminium snap on cover profile which offers superior cover, providing perfect leak-proof connections from standard or hip rafter abutments.

Complementary Products

The Alukap®-XR Ridge System has options of Radius and Gable end caps, ball and spire finials and crests, or can be glazed with a plain top for a more contemporary style.

At A Glance

  • Concealed-fix Rafter Top Glazing System

  • Professional Ridge Glazing Bar

  • Suited to take varying Roof Pitch angles

  • Full Aluminium Cover Cap Covering Fixings

  • Pre-lubricated Gaskets

  • Overhang to help weatherproof Rafter abutments

  • Robust and long-lasting aluminium


The Alukap®-XR system is available for delivery in all colours - learn more.

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