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Complete Post and Bracket Kit

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Complete Post and Bracket Kit
Complete Post and Bracket Kit
Complete Post and Bracket Kit
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Alukap-SS Complete Post and Bracket Kit

The Alukap-SS Complete Post and Bracket Kit is suitable for almost any roof glazing structure and comes supplied with lightweight, high strength all-aluminium components - foot plate, eaves collar and fixings - for outstanding durability.

The kit provides ideal maintenance-free support for the gutter end of an eaves beam. Sitting on the concrete floor or other solid structure, the kit comes pre-drilled and complete with concealed aluminium fixings ensuring a neat and clean finish with exceptional weather resistance.

Being easy-to-install also means this post and bracket can be used for canopies, verandas, decking areas, carports, play areas and much more.
ALUKAP-SS delivers a complete self-supporting roof system, without the need for timber rafter support. It includes Wall Plate, Eaves Beam, Gable Bar and Wall Bar components, so everything is covered and designed to work easily together.

Other Specialised Bars to Match

The Alukap®-SS system also comes with other complementary glazing bars and accessories.
·         Wall & eaves beam end cap
·         Wall and eaves beam
·         Low profile gable bar
·         Low profile cap bar
·         High span wall bar
·         High span gable bar
·         High span cap

At A Glance

·         Excellent high strength spanning capabilities
·         No need for timber rafters
·         Fast to install
·         Maintenance free – no annual painting
·         Hidden glazing fixings
·         Suits almost any thickness of glazing sheet
·         Long-lasting powder-coated aluminium finish
·         Can be used with Glass or plastic glazing sheets
·         Supplied with Alukap-SS gaskets, screws and endcap
·         Quick and easy to install


Ideal For

Decking and veranda covers, shelters, conservatories, canopies, swimming pools, lean-to’s, play area covers and covered walkways.

The Alukap®-SS system is available for delivery in all colours - learn more.

Fitting Instructions

Download here

Important Information - Alukap-SS: In as much as we have no control over the circumstances in which our material may be used, we cannot guarantee that any particular results will be achieved. Users should carry out their own tests and obtain structural engineer calculations as required to determine the suitability of the material for their application. Installers should satisfy themselves that published permissible loadings and bar spacing’s for Alukap-SS roofs and posts are sufficient to provide adequate strength for the intended use and to meet regional loading requirements.

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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Can polycarbonate be used for glazing ?
Polycarbonate panes offer excellent clarity with the highest impact strength of any transparent glazing product.  Compared to acrylic panes of the same thickness and size it is around 30 times stronger; compared to equivalent glass panes it is over 250 times stronger.  This makes polycarbonate an excellent choice for glazing where security is key.
Do you offer an advisory service?
Our team of specialists are on hand to help and advice as you need at no cost – you can reach them on 0113 249 2222 or via With over 40 years in the plastics industry and knowledge of all materials, manufacturers and brands, you can be confident in our impartial advice. However, to take advantage of the low prices on our site, you will need to place your order online.
How durable is polycarbonate ?

As polycarbonate is so strong, you can be confident you'll not need to replace the panels anytime soon. The material is also ideal for making cold frames and cloches, as well as replacing glass to make vulnerable doors and windows more secure.

What is a glazing bar ?
A glazing bar is a bar or rigid supporting strip between adjacent panes of polycarbonate or glass. .Glazing bars are commonly found in roof structures. The Plastic People have glazing bars united to self support roofing structures as well as rather supported roof structures. Our glazing bars are suitable for both polycarbonate and glass.

What is the best clear roofing material ?
When it comes to natural light and durability, Polycarbonate sheets stand out as an ideal roofing material. That’s because polycarbonate sheets allow almost exactly the same amount of natural light into a structure as glass and much more than fibre glass while also being more durable than glass and fiberglass. Choose from transparent, semi-transparent and opaque in a range of colors and tints
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