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A Guide To Plastic Mirrors

Written by JD
09/05/2018 13:13:01

Plastic Mirrors - A Guide From Plastic Experts

We are often asked about using acrylic mirror and plastic mirror as alternatives to glass here at The Plastic People.
If you are looking for mirrors that are lightweight, shatter-proof or unbreakable, plastic mirrors are ideal options and we have some ideas for you. 
Two types of mirrors commonly used as alternatives to glass mirror are acrylic mirror and polycarbonate mirror. The qualities of these mirrors make them excellent replacements for glass as mirrors in schools, hospitals, stables, prisons, the home - anywhere where safety is paramount.

In summary, acrylic mirrors are 17 x stronger than glass mirrors, so they are a popular choice for people who want a safer option than glass. Acrylic mirror can be framed just like a glass mirror to make it fit with your home.  Polycarbonate mirrors are also great problem-solving mirrors.  That’s because they will not smash and any vandalism such as surface spray-paint will just wipe off making them a great choice for public places or places where they may get damaged.

Safer and More Resilient Than Glass
Acrylic is 17 x stronger than glass meaning it withstands and survives impacts such as bangs, collisions or crashes well. Its strength makes acrylic mirror ideal for use where safety is a priority or where glass may crack or shatter.  Should the surface of an acrylic mirror ever become scratched, an acrylic polish can be used to restore its surface, unlike glass. Polycarbonate mirror is an even stronger choice than acrylic mirror. It performs better outdoors than acrylic mirror being completely weather resistant and able to expand and contract without causing any permanent damage.

Lightweight, Flexible and Easier To Handle
Acrylic and polycarbonate mirrors are half the weight of glass in addition to being much stronger.  At the same time, they are also much more flexible than glass mirror so bends when you work with it. This makes them cheaper to deliver and much easier to lift and handle than glass. 

Quicker To Fit
Because handling acrylic and polycarbonate mirrors is easier and safer than glass, fitting tends to also be quicker. For the best results plastic mirror should be mounted on a flat surface to prevent unwanted warping. If you are fitting it to a wall which is not flat, it is best to fit it first to something rigid such as MDF or wood.   
Acrylic and polycarbonate mirror can be wall mounted with an acrylic mirror adhesive or with screws. To make things easy for yourself, order your mirror with holes drilled in ready where you require them – then you can get straight on with fitting / installation.  Get holes drilled 2mm or 3mm larger than your screws.  Don't try and screw screws through acrylic mirror because it will shatter.  Polycarbonate mirror is easier to drill. It has much less chance of cracking or chipping.

Low Cost
Acrylic mirror is relatively cheap to buy and because of its durability and ease of fitting, proves to be a low-cost choice. Little maintenance is required – acrylic mirror should be kept clean with a little household detergent mixed in warm water and applied with a soft cotton cloth. 

There are many applications where acrylic mirror has advantages over glass. Its flexibility is useful where curved or bent mirrors are required – whether in a practical or a decorative application – its impact resistance makes it suitable for environments where safety is a concern, and its light weight and low maintenance make it easy to install and maintain.
Polycarbonate mirror is more expensive than acrylic mirror but makes a better choice for longer term projects.

Customer Pictures
We've been inspired by, and are grateful for, the many photos emailed to us by customers showing how they have used their acrylic and polycarbonate mirrors.  The range of projects has been diverse: from gym mirrors, ballet mirrors, garden mirrors, bathroom mirrors, playroom mirrors, staircase mirrors to mirrored furniture and retail displays. Take a look and see if you agree.  

Plastic mirror reflects garden pond    safe plastic mirror in home gym    Unbreakable mirror in childrens playroom

glamorous stairs clad with plastic mirror    unbreakable mirror makes ballet studio in childrens room    

We love seeing and sharing your plastic mirror projects – thanks to all for contributing.  If you’re looking for more inspiration see our main website for more customer stories.

Choosing acrylic mirror
You can buy acrylic mirror and polycarbonate mirror to the measurements and shape you need for your project and anticipate its safe arrival, ready for your use.  For more information on our mirrored acrylic and polycarbonate mirror please follow this link.  If we can help you further do contact our friendly team who will be happy to help.

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