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White Acrylic Kitchen Splashbacks

Coloured/White Acrylic Splashback
White acrylic is the most popular choice for our customers when they are installing a new kitchen splashback. A white splashback can help lift your kitchen by adding a modern design and more light to the space.
Whether your protecting walls, or areas behind the sink, hob or bins, acrylic (Perspex) is the ideal choice for a kitchen splashback! Acrylic is hygienic, child-safe, can easily be wiped clean and installation is grout-free (and mess) free.
High Gloss Splashback
For an added level of sophistication and shine, some customers opt for a high gloss splashback. We love this material for its luminosity and ability to bounce light around a space, making your kitchen feel bigger and brighter! Find out more about high gloss acrylic by clicking here.
Cooker/Hob Splashback
Positioned by a cooker/hob, an acrylic splashback can protect your wall from food, splashes and other grime that might stain your space after cooking.
Splashbacks can be either glued into place or can opt for the addition of screw holes in your panel to help you easily attach the plastic to the wall.
Sink Splashback
Prevent water damage and staining on our walls by installing a white splashback behind your sink and faucet. Some customers also opt for a clear acrylic for behind their sinks. Find out more about wall protectors by clicking here.
If you need more advice about splashbacks, or any of our products/projects, our customer service team want to hear from you! You can email us at
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White Acrylic Kitchen Splashbacks
White Acrylic Kitchen Splashbacks
White Acrylic Kitchen Splashbacks
White Acrylic Kitchen Splashbacks
White Acrylic Kitchen Splashbacks