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Easy Summer DIY Projects & Design TipsĀ 

Written by MS
19/04/2021 10:00:22

Do you remember when the temperature peaked in the early 20 degrees celsius here in the UK? Well, it may have taken a slight turn since then with the North seeing a light dusting of snow, but things are only set to improve with Summer just around the corner now. 
Things are beginning to look brighter and more hopeful too. The UK is beginning to lift its lockdown: last week, pub gardens, gyms and hairdressers reopened and, in a few more weeks, we will actually be able to sit inside a restaurant for the first time since October 2020. 
Nevertheless, when it comes to the Summer holidays, things are less secure. Airlines are pumping out their holiday deals, but we are still unsure whether foreign travel will take place in 2021 for all. If we can’t go on holiday this Summer, at least we can work toward some home improvements and even create some great entertaining spaces to use when the weather gets warmer. 
With that in mind, we have decided to put together a new project featuring several DIY projects you can complete this Spring/Summer. We have kept costs low and ensured that anyone can get behind these home improvements - even if it’s the first time you’ve ever picked up a hammer and set of nails!
Strap in and get ready for this fast-tracked guide to becoming a DIY king (or queen) this Summer! 
Over on our Pinterest, we have a range of different boards all about home, garden, and DIY design projects. If you are a more visual learner, that might be a good place to start! Click here to head over now and get some new ideas. 
DIY Weatherproof BBQ Hut and Outdoor Entertaining Space 
We’re going to start in the garden; after all, it’s the place we all want to be when the weather gets warmer. Regardless, you can’t always trust British weather, and rain seems only ever a few days away. It’s best to be prepared then, and a weatherproof BBQ hut seems like a good place to start! 
This is a really simple DIY project requiring only a few materials - many of which you can have prepared for you, so all you have to do is assembly. An all-weather BBQ hut is a perfect solution to give you that summery feel, even if you can’t quite get a tan yet. 
There is a range of BBQ hut designs out there. Some are mostly open and only have a roof cover, while others are entire enclosures. We wrote a blog not so long ago that provides you with detailed instructions to create your own. Check that out by clicking here. 
If you are creating a full-blown enclosure, we recommend using acrylic panels for the roof and/or any window spaces. This gives you the protection of glass, but at a cheaper cost, and acrylic is an easier material to work with as it’s less fragile (and shatterproof)! We cut acrylic (perspex) to any size or shape; get your materials directly from us by clicking here
For more coverage, we would recommend opting for a patio roof cover. This will allow you to have a wider, weatherproof space, which can also be an entertaining space - even if it rains. We have a wide range of styles and designs of patio covers - click here to see them all
Brightening your Home
Arguably, the best part about Summer is how light it is outside. We get to see the sun for over 12 hours a day, which is quite something when you consider it gets dark by 4 pm here during the Winter! 
To make the most of this light, we recommend undertaking some DIY improvements, which can help your home become brighter and feel bigger. The easiest way to do this is with mirrors. Mirrors are ideal to bounce light around a space, make it feel bigger, and reflect outside views. 
It still gets better. We supply acrylic (perspex) mirrors which are 17 times stronger than glass alternatives. These mirrors can be cut to any size or shape too, allowing you to have a one-of-a-kind mirror in your home. Check out our mirror shaping services by clicking here. These mirrors are also suitable for your garden. 
If you’re struggling to decide where to place mirrors in your home, we have a blog for you! Last week we wrote about six ways you can decorate with mirrors in your home. We have solutions for every room and style. Click here to check it out. 
Thinking Colour 
Summer and Spring are synonymous with bright colours. They bring bright purples, yellows and other pastels into our gardens. It’s fairly easy to bring these colours into your home too. By reflecting natural colours in your home, you can really get that boho-chic look that many are going for. 
Some simple ways to introduce more colour into your home include:
  • Painting feature walls
  • Adding soft furnishings (ie. cushions)
  • Putting up a mirror to reflect the outdoors
You can also add colour by putting up new artwork or photos onto your walls. Pictures from your beach holiday might be a great addition to your home, considering it is unlikely we will all travel this year. 

We supply acrylic picture frames too. These are made to measure to fit your picture’s dimensions perfectly. Like the mirrors, acrylic frames are lightweight and shatterproof. Click here to get yours today
Finding Storage Solutions 
When we’re in the summer months, you ideally want to keep your more wintry items out of sight. The thick blankets and woolly jumpers can be a bit of an eyesore when it’s over 20 degrees celsius outside. 
Some easy ways to create more storage in your home include:
  • Garden Storage Items: Garden sheds and storage boxes are perfect for decluttering. They can home your garden tools and even some home decor items that you do not want on display during the summer months. We supply readymade plastic sheds that are waterproof and lockable. Get yours today by clicking here. 
We wrote a blog a few backs all about home storage solutions. It contains ideas for every scenario - including some tips you can do completely for free! Click here to read it and become your very own Marie Kondo!
That just about brings us to the end of this blog. We hope there are some ideas you can take away and use to improve your home this summer! You’ll be able to make your guests feel a little jealous! 
We always look forward to seeing our readers’ and customers’ design projects and DIY home improvements. You can get in touch with us via social media: we are @barkstonplastic on Twitter and Instagram. You can send us a message on Facebook by clicking here. 
We also send out a bi-weekly newsletter, which is full of DIY ideas, tips, tricks and home design trends. Join our mailing list today by clicking here. 
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