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13 Ways to Kickstart your 2021

Written by MS
04/01/2021 12:00:44

Welcome to 2021! You made it, and we’re happy to be here with you! The start of a New Year is always an important time for both reflection and future planning. Whether you are looking to grow personally this year, develop your business or improve the lives of those around you, in this week’s blog, we take a look at 12 ways to kickstart your 2021! 
2020 was a particularly hard year for all of us. Lockdowns, loss and increased stress made the year a complete drag. But, things are looking brighter! With numerous vaccines being deployed as we speak (or write!), there is hope that 2021 will be a more normal year for many of us. 
With that said, when putting together this conclusive list, we’ve decided to focus on things that you can do at home. This way, you have no excuses and, hopefully, COVID-19 restrictions will not impact your personal achievements going ahead. 
In this list, we cover everything from personal goals and fitness to developing your business, starting a business and even include some tips about how to improve your home life! It’s time to strap in and get your notepad ready because you’ll want to remember some of these ideas!
  1. Reflect and take stock 
It’s hard not to get bogged down in the woes of 2020 now the new year has rolled around, but you can use this to your advantage! Think about both the highlights and low points of 2020 - how can you build on your achievements? What can you do to prevent falling into previous traps? Ultimately, think about what you can learn from last year and take into 2021!
  1. Learn a new skill
This is a classic point on New Year’s Resolutions lists, but this year it is perhaps more important than ever to remember. As we all retreated indoors in 2020, many of us got stuck in spirals of work, eat, sleep. It’s time to break this routine and inspire yourself to go further in 2021, achieve more! Learning a new skill is a great way to get your mind working at the start of the new year. So, are you going to take up guitar lessons or learn to speak another language? It’s time for you to decide. 
  1. Keep in touch with your local community
Being part of a community and making sure to care for those around you was an incredibly important thing to do throughout the pandemic. We think you should continue to keep in touch with your local community throughout 2021. Remember to #ShopLocal and #BuyLocal, but also reach out to others and even volunteer your time or expertise!
  1. Write your business plan
You’ve said time and again that this year is the year for starting your business - 2021 is going to be that year! There has been so much disruption across a range of markets due to COVID-19 that now is the perfect time to take risks. Make the jump and put together your business plan now. Break the 9-to-5 habit and be happier for it. 
  1. Commit to fitness 
We all know the statistics about the increase in gym memberships at the start of the new year. You go once - maybe twice - and never again. In 2021, we want to suggest something a little different. Start each day with a home workout. All you have to do is roll out of bed and begin each morning. You only need a small space (and maybe a yoga mat) to begin. 
If you’re looking to build a home gym this year, check out our acrylic mirrors for a cost-effective way to make your space feel bigger and more professional. Click here to find out more. 
  1. Work on your home
We’re all used to working at home, but have you started to work on your home? DIY is a scary activity for many people, but home improvements are not as hard as you think! With a little bit of time and elbow grease, you can create something in your home to be truly proud of. We have a whole range of ideas and guides available on our website too! To check out what our customers have been doing to improve their home, click here
  1. Write a not-to-do list!
As a nation, we love to-do lists. It feels great to write down a task and then get to cross it off after you’re finished. But, a lot of what we write on our to-do lists never gets done. It’s time to break the convention and write a not-to-do list! Write down your bad habits, or things you want to stay away from in 2021, and check the list regularly to remind yourself and make changes/additions. 
  1. Say ‘no’ more
Another radical suggestion from us! We all say ‘yes’ too much in both our work and personal lives. As a result, we get overwhelmed, stressed and end up taking it out on our loved ones. It’s time to stop this and begin saying ‘no’ more. Prioritise your goals clearly so you can make sure to avoid tasks that hinder progress. 
  1. Schedule family time
When working from home, it’s hard to separate your work, social and home life. You might think you’re spending lots of time with your family as you’re constantly around, but it’s not a meaningful time. Schedule evenings to do activities together, such as board games or watching a movie. Remember to keep your loved ones close.
  1. Improve your outdoor space
We all have bits of the garden that are overgrown or unusable, and it’s time to change that in 2021. Lockdown has demonstrated just how important fresh air and sunlight can be, so make your outdoor space welcoming this year. This might include adding a patio cover or perhaps installing a greenhouse to encourage you to grow your own produce. We have a range of possible projects on our website, click here to find out more. 
  1. Develop a morning routine 
We all know that to have a successful day, you need to start on the right foot. Developing a morning routine that works for you is a great first step to having a productive day. It’s time to experiment with a range of morning activities. From journaling to meditation, try it all, and see what works for you and then stick to it!
  1. Practice gratitude 
It’s easy to focus on the negative things in life and forget about what we are grateful for. 2020 was a devastating year for many families, and so we all need to practice gratitude more. Every day, think about one thing you are grateful for. Tell people what they mean to you and say ‘thank you’. You’ll feel better for it. 
  1.  Review your productivity 
If you’re a business that manufactures, engineers or fabrications any form of product, it’s time to take a look at your production line and review how efficient it is. Making changes to your manufacturing methods can decrease downtime and increase profits. To find out more plastic parts and components can solve problems at your company, click here
That concludes our list of recommendations for 2021. Whatever resolutions you have put together for the new year, try to stick to them! The hardest thing is always creating a routine, but preserve and we promise you, you’ll like the results. 
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