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Practical Colour for Playrooms - coloured acrylic

Written by The Plastic People
05/02/2018 10:53:45

Coloured acrylic for playrooms

Kids come with a lot of stuff and creating a perfect, budget friendly playroom is harder than it looks.  On one hand, the playroom needs to inspire imagination and on the other it needs to organise clutter, so it doesn’t end up strewn around the house. On top of that it needs to be safe, easy to keep clean and hygienic.

Bring in colour and mirrors that are practical
We’ve heard from customers about how they’ve used our coloured acrylic and acrylic mirrors to help create a playroom that works well for their families (see their pictures below).  Children like and respond to colour and reflections. Tips from interior decorators will include adding colour through accessories that are easy to change and coloured acrylic, perhaps a choice you’ve not thought of, makes a great colourful and practical option. Coloured acrylic and mirrors can easily be cut to size and shape to work into any scheme. Or to protect walls!

Acrylic Mirror in Bedroom Dance Studio Playroom Acrylic Mirror

Safety First - Child Friendly
Coloured acrylic is a practical solution in a playroom because it is very safe – edges can be polished, corners rounded to protect fingers.  Both acrylic mirror and coloured acrylic are very lightweight (around half the weight of glass) – meaning it is easy for DIY’ers to lift and fix into place.  Acrylic mirrors and coloured acrylic can fix to walls with screws or adhesive (if you’re choosing adhesive, use one specially for coloured acrylic or acrylic mirror to avoid any damage to the acrylic). Coloured acrylic and acrylic mirror are both much stronger than glass (around 10 times stronger) so it is very difficult to break.  Should either ever break, they will snap into a few clean pieces, not hundreds of shards like glass.

Easy to clean
Cleaning coloured acrylic and acrylic mirror is simply a wipe down with warm soapy water and a soft cotton cloth. No chemical cleaners are needed (and should be avoided on acrylic) which we think is a bonus.  

Ideal for wall art – planned or otherwise!
The really great thing is if coloured acrylic or acrylic mirror get marked with a pen (a lovely message or picture perhaps!) then, this too, can be wiped away leaving the coloured acrylic or mirror clean again. So, coloured acrylic and acrylic mirrors have the added bonus of protecting your walls.  You could even use coloured acrylic to define an art area.

Protect your furniture
3mm or 5mm thick coloured acrylic makes a lovely choice to protect the surfaces of furniture in a playroom.  Order it cut to the size you need to cover your furniture surface and once it's in place you can relax knowing that any spills or marks can be simply wiped away. Our coloured acrylic protectors can be provided with rubber stops which give a more secure finish. In practice we have found that using a rubber stop approximately every 300mm to 500mm is extremely effective in stopping the furniture protector from moving about when in use.

Many colours for all schemes
Coloured acrylic comes in lots and lots of lovely colours – you can easily break away from the preschool primary tones choosing more contemporary colour palettes that will work well in a playroom, yet still, make it feel grown-up enough that adults don’t feel like they are hanging out in a child’s space. 

If you've any tips for using coloured acrylic or acrylic mirrors, let us know - we love to share them.
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