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Replace your shed or summerhouse windows for the last time with our Superstrong Polycarbonate Shed Window Panes.  We cut and deliver virtually indestructible Shed Window Panes to the exact size you need so replacing them couldn't be any easier.  Measure your existing window panes to see what sizes you need and then enter those sizes into our Cut To Size calculator opposite to get a price. 

Why should I use polycarbonate​ to replace the glass panels in my shed or summerhouse?

Our polycarbonate is 200x stronger than glass yet half its weight. This makes the material a superb, easy-to-use choice for replacing broken or existing glass panes. .

How durable is polycarbonate and where else can I use it?

As polycarbonate is so strong, you can be confident you'll not need to replace your shed windows anytime soon. Polycarbonate is also ideal for replacing glass to make vulnerable doors and windows more secure.

How do I fit replacement shed or summerhouse windows ?

Buy replacement shed windows which are the same size as your original windows then you can fit them in exactly the same way as your original windows.  On wooden frames, you can drill the new polycarbonate shed windows on or use putty.  If you prefer, we can drill any holes in ready for you so your shed windows are ready to use when they're delivered. 

How do I order shed or summerhouse windows ?

Simply enter the measurements of your windows into our Cut To Size calculator opposite

Can you give me some more information?

If you would like any advice don’t hesitate to send us an email. With 40 years of experience in the industry, we will help you make the best choices at the best prices.

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Shed Windows