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Twinwall and Multiwall

Twinwall and Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets are ideal for roof glazing. That's because these polycarbonate sheets provide remarkable impact resistance (they are virtually unbreakable) and provide long-term weather durability.
Our multiwall sheets will withstand rain, storms, hail, wind, snowfalls and ice. And, because it is UV protected the material performs well in prolonged hot sunny weather too. In the UK, polycarbonate should last for between five and ten years before it begins to discolour even in direct sunlight.
Multiwall Roofing
This fabulous new porch has had its roof glazed with lightweight multiwall panels.
Roof Window
Multiwall is perfect for glazing roof windows or skylights.
This customer has chosen the opal multiwall sheets. The opal colour allows light to pass through the panel into the room below, but it is not possible to see through the window so anything such as fallen leaves will not be seen.
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Twinwall and Multiwall
Twinwall and Multiwall
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