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Photo Display

We’ve had some great images sent in from customers who have used our clear acrylic and our acrylic frames for mounting and displaying photographs.

Clear acrylic is a perfect material for framing artwork and photographs. Not only is it completely clear, extremely strong and lightweight, its super easy to use too.

These customers ordered clear acrylic with the holes for fixings pre-drilled to their requirements, so all they needed to do when they received their acrylic was to sandwich the artwork between the two pieces and they were ready to be used.

When purchasing frames there are a couple of options for mounting them to the wall. Some of our customers prefer the frame to be mounted flat to the wall and others prefer to use the stand-off fixings.

The stand-off fixings are very easy to use and allow the frame to be set away from the wall for a more contemporary look. The fixings come in two parts - one part which is screwed to the wall and a second piece which passes through the pre-drilled hole in the material and is screwed into the part of the fixing which has already been attached to the wall.

If you prefer to use your own wall fixings as one of these customers has done, simply let us know what size you need the hole drilled to allow the fixing to pass through - make sure your drilled hole is a little larger than the screw that is going to pass through it, to allow for expansion and contraction of the material.  

If you would like to have a border around the photographs to allow the fixings not to overlap the images you are displaying, simply measure your image and add the size of your required border on to this measurement. Remember that you’ll need two border widths on each dimension.

For the fixings to be in the centre of the free space around your artwork add a 50mm border all the way round i.e. 100mm to each dimension (length and width). The minimum border to prevent the fixings overlapping the artwork would be 35mm i.e. 70mm to each dimension.

Some of our customers prefer their artwork to come all the way to the edge of the frame as one of these photographs shows. If this is the case, the acrylic should be ordered the exact size of the image. Don’t forget that if you require drilled holes for wall fixings, you will need to make a hole through your photographs or artwork to allow the fixing to pass through.

One of our customers here has used clip-frame clips to attach the two pieces of acrylic together to allow the frame to be easily portable for display at a party.

If you’d like to make your own clear acrylic frame and you need any advice, please get in touch with our friendly customer service team. They are more than happy to help.
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Photo Display
Photo Display
Photo Display