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Clear Acrylic Splashbacks

Clear acrylic splashbacks are perfect for anywhere where you want to protect the wall from water, dirt or food splashes.

Whether it is behind the cooker (make sure you leave the recommended clearance), the kitchen worktops, in the laundry room or the bathroom, our lightweight and easy to fit acrylic splashbacks are just the job.
Clear Acrylic Sink Splashback
6mm clear acrylic has been used behind this sink to stop the wall getting marked.
Clear Kitchen Splashback
Clear splashbacks provide protection to the wall whilst letting your design show through.
Kitchen Sink Splashback
When your wallpaper is as gorgeous as this why cover it up? Clear acrylic splashbacks protect the wall whilst still allowing your decor to show through.
Clear Acrylic Splashback
Clear acrylic splashbacks are perfect for keeping artwork on the walls in pristine condition
Sink Splashback
Clear acrylic makes a subtle splashback

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Clear Acrylic Splashbacks
Clear Acrylic Splashbacks
Clear Acrylic Splashbacks
Clear Acrylic Splashbacks
Clear Acrylic Splashbacks
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