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The Plastic People have been helping pet owners around the country to keep their pets warmer with cut to size acrylic. Often the acrylic is used to cover over open, wire or mesh window areas where winter winds can blow through.   

Lighter than glass with much higher impact resistance, acrylic is a great alternative for use around animals.

Pictures speak louder than words though – here are some of the projects that have been undertaken by our customers to give you some ideas that might help you.

Horse Mirror

Acrylic mirror is much safer than glass when used with animals as it is not only approximately 17 times stronger than glass but if it does break it will not shatter into sharp shards like glass will.
Horses can get very lonely when not with a herd and many of our customers have found that using acrylic mirror in a stable or paddock reduces stress-related behaviour in their horses and ponies.


We have a number of customers who have been kind enough to send in photographs of their glazing projects.
In one project, 5mm clear acrylic has been used to glaze an outdoor aviary type building to make it warm and cosy for use as a cattery cage.

Save on Cleaning and Maintenance

A slightly thinner gauge of acrylic has been used by customers to save time clearing up after their pets.

3mm clear acrylic has been used by one pet owner to stop sawdust from their hamster’s cage being scattered over the floor.

We were contacted by one customer who had a problem with his parrot peeling the wallpaper off above the lounge door. His simple solution was to attach 4mm clear acrylic over the door to stop the parrot being able to peel the paper.

Pet owners, breeders and commercial catteries/kennels looking for low cost, easy to maintain and high-quality materials to use for pet housing should consider polypropylene - it's ideal and practical for this purpose.

Polypropylene makes an excellent choice for catteries and kennels because it is:

- Durable against clawing, scratching and chewing
- Hygienic and easy to clean - chemical cleaners can be used on it without any detriment
- Long lasting and maintenance free
- FDA approved - meaning it will not harbour bacteria

Dog Travel Cage

Virtually unbreakable Polypropylene has been used in the manufacture and construction of animal travel cages by one of our customers.
If you want to try your own project and you need any advice, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer service team

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