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How to use plastic sustainably in DIY projects

Written by The Plastic People
20/12/2023 14:52:07


Change your waste

From to waste to plastic fantastic, there’s endless ways of taking left over or used plastic and turning it into low cost, handy DIY projects that keep plastic out of landfill and keep your pocket fuller for future endeavours!

With sustainability at the forefront of everyone’s minds now more than ever, one of the most effective ways you can contribute to a cleaner planet whilst also levelling up your own surroundings is utilising your leftover or no longer used plastics for DIY projects.

Upcycling ideas: Improve your home


Repurpose plastic containers!

You’ve seen the insta-perfect homes, adorned with containers galore organising everything from rice to snacks. If you, like most people, often buy the same things week after week; save your plastics! Get them cleaned out and repurpose them to organise your dried goods.

Maybe you’ve got a corner cupboard overflowing with baking supplies (don’t we all?). This could be the ideal solution to not only make your home a little tidier, but to use leftover plastic to DIY an organisational bug bear.


Make your garden green

Contribute to a greener planet and get your garden looking spring and summer ready by using your well-loved plastics in a DIY garden uplift.

Leftover plastic tubs, bottles, discarded ends alike can act as lovely little planters for smaller plants or even herbs! Using plastic in garden DIY not only improves your garden space but gives you a more aesthetic space and gives those leftover plastic tubs and containers a second home. What’s not to love?


Use plastic bottles to make your own garden in small spaces

Sticking to the green thumb theme: cut the bottoms off your used plastic bottles, turn them upside down and fill with soil, then hang them on walls, fences and shelves. Plant herbs or flowers to add a touch of greenery whilst committing to sustainability.

Stock up on mini containers

Remember the bottom of those plastic bottles you cut off? Save them! Sand the edge to soften the corners, decorate with glitter or paint, then create mini holders for your earrings, bobbles, hair pins or any other little accessories that tend to get lost in your house.

Use them in the garage to store leftover screws you just can’t get rid of. Or stick them in your garden with a bit of water to help out any thirsty wildlife.


Using plastic for DIY

Plastic is fantastic, and muti-functional; but when wasted and disused, ruins our planet. By using your once used plastics in DIY projects, you can do your bit in saving the planet and improve the look and functionality of your space all-in-one. Committing to change sends a powerful message that you care about the future of the planet and want to do your bit in fighting plastic pollution.

As you start small, using little bits here and there with discarded or left over plastics, you’ll soon find it to be habit, and before you know it you’ll have transformed from plastic-waster to plastic fantastic lover.

Where’s the harm in that when you can benefit from such an easy and useful DIY change?

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