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How To Choose Lawn Edging

Written by JD
08/05/2018 12:05:38

Choosing Lawn Edging

One thing to remember when redesigning or maintaining your garden is good edging. A good, strong lawn edging barrier that separates lawn from garden is extremely important for a neat and tidy finish. Even in healthy, well cared for gardens overgrown lawn edges give an untidy effect.

It is said by property experts that first impressions count for a lot with houses - how the space around your house appears is often a deal maker or breaker before someone steps over the front door.  Houses that look well maintained outside are more attractive to buyers. And, good news, it's not just the prettiest of houses or the most expensive houses that have it. Kerb appeal is more than just a good looking or pricey house; it is there for all houses with well-presented front gardens; those with perfect fencing or hedging and immaculately painted doors and windows.  The not so good news is that improving the kerb appeal of a house is unlikely to add much to its value.  So, it's important to spend wisely, getting the best value possible.

Here are some helpful factors to consider in choosing lawn edging:

  1. Your garden design - this will play a part in the style of lawn edging you choose. Decide how much of the show your lawn edging can steal……or do you want a subtle choice?

  2. Climate - another likely consideration for you. Your chosen lawn edging may have to withstand sea salt, boggy shade or full sun.

  3. Maintenance - how much or how little time is to be spent on maintenance of the lawn edging itself. For those looking for a no maintenance at all, this quickly narrows down the array of choices given wooden edging needs treatments.

  4. Substance - is the edging you are considering substantial enough to keep grass roots and weeds from invading your beds or will you need to trim the bed border frequently?

  5. Factor in family friendly / safety – do you need a safe lawn edging in case of trips, children, pets etc?

  6. Weigh up installation – easy to install edging is usually flexible plastic edging which can look unsightly and can crack and split easily.  Stone, concrete and brick can be expensive to buy and transport and laborious to install; metal edging can be dangerous if fallen on.

  7. Longevity - how long do you expect the lawn edging to last? The shortest life spans are probably with plastic edging which can crack and split more easily than other materials. Check out options that are virtually unbreakable.

  8. Time and cost - how much are you prepared to spend on future maintenance of the lawn edging itself? There are no maintenance options which quickly narrow down the array of choices given wooden edging needs treatments.

It’s tough to find garden edging ideas that are practical, robust enough to last the test of time and look good. The array of lawn edging choices can be overwhelming, and each comes with merits and disadvantages. 

Roll-Up Plastic Edging -  we’re The Plastic People and yet we say this plastic option is tricky to install, requiring you to dig a trench.  Be sure the ground is perfectly level, or this edging won’t go in properly.  It’s not our favourite because it sinks into the ground in wet climates under the pressure of lawnmower wheels – and will often crack and break under lawn mowers too.

Block Edging – these small blocks need to be lined up and placed individually which can be time consuming.  There is no anchoring system, so the blocks can be knocked out of place when bumped by a lawn mower.

block lawn edging
Block Edging

Hammer-In Edging - can be very difficult to install and is often damaged during the installation this edging is challenging to install to ensure the top edges of pieces are aligned.

Hammer in lawn edging
Hammer -In Edging

Concrete Curbing – a more expensive choice which can lift off the ground and crack when roots grow up under it, cracking especially in cold weather. Once this edging is down moving it is difficult meaning it might get problematic if / when landscape beds need to expand to accommodate growing plants and trees.

concrete lawn edging
concrete edging

Rubber edging - a product like Flexi-edge offers a recycled edging option with the strength of stone and flexibility of rubber.  Because it hammers into place it is easy to install (no digging required) and can be moved and re-used time and time again.  It will follow curves and is completely maintenance free. An extra bonus, it’s mower edge design means you won’t need to do any more string trimming! Enjoy your garden :)

As plastic experts, it takes good reasons for us to find space between our plastic sheets to include rubber-based lawn edging! With Flexi-edge, we have found many. We're all fans of enjoying our gardens- and better still if there are not so many jobs to be done!  Recycled rubber edging border, Ecoborder, has been a popular choice with our team here because it's a no digging, quick to install, maintenance free solution that can be re-used time and time again.   Flexi-edge achieves that clean lawn edge without having to work long and hard to maintain the result, saving you time for other gardening jobs. or, to just sit back, relax and enjoy the garden!

However, in case you might think we're a bit biased, here's some photographs from our customers, as inspiration:

flexi-edge transforms garden       Flexi-edge lawn edging

Flexi-edge can be staked down in a circle to border flower beds      Flexi-edge is perfect for the perimeter of flower beds

Flexi-edge is easy to cut with a standard hand saw      easy fit connectors join sections of flexi-edge

If you are interested in how easy Flex-edge is to install, check over these simple steps:

  1. Flexi-edge is quick to lay – you’ll have around 15m edging laid in an hour by connecting lengths of Flexi-edge together to create one length to cover your border or lawn edges.  

 Flexi-edge is quick and easy to lay

  1. Flexi-edge hammers into the ground with stakes provided

 Flexi-edge fixes to the ground with the stakes provided

  1. It bends – so creating flexible, soft, rounded borders and edging is fast and easy

 Flexi-edge will bend so creating rounded borders is easy

  1. Maintenance is not needed – Flexi-edge will always look the same because it is made from recycled rubber which is virtually indestructible

 Flexi-edge is available in a range of colours

  1. When your lawn edges grow: just mow – Flexi-edge is made so lawn mowers can just mow over it. Saving time because there is no more string trimming!

mow easily up to the edge of your borders with flexi-edge

Read more information about lawn edging with Flexi-edge on our site or contact our friendly team by email or on 0113 249 2222.

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