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How to Create the Ideal Work-From-Home Space

Written by MS
18/01/2021 11:00:04

It’s a new phenomenon that we’re all having to get used to fairly quickly, but working from home has not been an easy task for many of us. We may have been staging conference calls from bedrooms, kitchen tables and the occasional shed for the past 10 or so months, but a lot of us still haven’t quite got the hang of Zoom etiquette… 
Whether you like it or not, WFH-life is not going anywhere anytime soon. We are back in lockdown in the UK, and with rumours of tighter restrictions around the corner, even more of the working population will be slugging home with laptops underarm. That’s why, in this blog from The Plastic People, we are going to cover some tips for creating the ideal home office space -- on budget, of course! 
Some businesses, such as Twitter over in the USA, have already announced that their workers will not have to return to the office ever (if they don’t want to). More businesses in the Capital are shutting shop, shifting rental fees and only keeping some space for in-person meetings (if they ever return). It’s safe to say, then, working from home is becoming (has become?) the new norm. 
This guide is going to provide some quick tips on how to optimise your space, no matter its size or location. We are going to think about things such as desk space, noise cancellation and even a few soft furnishings. Hopefully, by the end of this blog, you’ll have a better idea on how to create a focus-zone so you can get as much work done as you would in the office. 
Staying Productive and Eliminating Distractions
The biggest issue with working from home is always going to be the endless distractions on offer. The big flat screen TV is only a room away, the fridge and biscuit tin are down the hall, and your comfy bed is less than a minute from your desk -- this, unfortunately, isn't conducive with productivity. 
The easiest solution is not the most achievable. Dedicated office space is a luxury that few have, and the majority of us have just set up desks in our bedrooms or are working on the kitchen counter-top. Nevertheless, you need to try and differentiate between ‘work’ time and ‘relaxing’ time to stay productive during the day. 
Sticking to a strict routine is critical. Make sure you are out of bed by a certain time each morning and try not to get back in it throughout the day. Pencil in time to eat lunch and have other breaks, so your day has some variety and always take some time away from work if you’re feeling overwhelmed. 
Putting your desk near a window can help on numerous levels: Daylight always boosts how you’re feeling. The issue with this is, typically, outside noise. Construction work, cars, home-schooling in the next room -- these are all noisy distractions that can stop you from working at your optimum rate. 
The cost-effective solution to eliminating noisy distractions is installing Secondary Glazing panels on any windows. This adds an extra layer to block noise and helps trap in heat, which is important in this winter months and if you’re working in a converted shed space. Secondary Glazing is a simple DIY task, and all the equipment you need is available from our website! Check it out by clicking here. LINK
Optimizing Desk Space
Your desk is your best friend when it comes to working from home. You need something comfortable and ergonomic to facilitate a productive working environment. Having a desk that is too small, short or uneven will only hinder your ability to work. The newest trend is to have a ‘standing desk’, which allows you to crank a lever and elevate your space so you can work from standing. 
This is great for your posture and wellbeing, but we can’t all afford a new desk. A simple solution is to use a stack of books, or boxes, to increase the height of your laptop. Other solutions might include working on a window sill or bookshelf for part of each day to help get your body moving. We might all be stuck working at home, but you still need to be active! 
A few soft-furnishings on your desk can also make the working day a little bit less gloomy. A family picture (or even a picture of your co-workers!) is a great touch to help bring some life to a desk space. We offer acrylic photo blocks at an affordable price which you can simply slot your pictures into! They are lightweight and ten times stronger than glass so you do not have to worry about knocking over and smashing it. Find out more by clicking here. 
If you have a particular old desk that could do with a bit of new life being breathed into it, we have a couple of DIY tips for you! Upcycling is a new craze in the arts and crafts world. A can of paint can go a long way, after all, and we could all do with a bit of extra colour in our lives during the winter months. Sand your desk down and add a new lick of colour to spruce up your working space in a matter of hours. 
If painting is not your forte, then, you can introduce colour into your workspace via a different method. We provide customers with furniture protectors in a range of colours, sizes and finishes. Maybe you would like a high gloss desktop, or perhaps a bright green ensemble? Perhaps you want to play it a little more low-key and go for clear acrylic? We offer all of this and more! Click here to find out more about furniture protectors. 
Still stuck for ideas?
We’ve put together a new board on Pinterest that is full of ideas about how to create the perfect home office/workspace. Click here to check it out now and begin living a more productive life! 
That brings us to the end of our latest guide on creating the ideal home working space. To stay up-to-date with all our blogs and news, consider subscribing to our bi-weekly newsletter. Click to sign-up and get a free eBook on using acrylic in your home. 

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