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Easy Home Improvements using Plastics this Winter

Written by MS
23/11/2020 12:00:45

You know we are heading into the winter months when the temperature drops below 10 degrees celsius, and you wake up to frosty windows! It’s definitely time to find the de-icer and windscreen scraper to get the car ready for the morning school run. 
With this second lockdown, we all have a lot more downtime at the moment and as it becomes more unlikely that life will return to normal over the festive period, it’s time to think about how you can use your newfound spare time over Christmas. 
As it starts to get dark from 4pm onwards, the thought of improving your home and garden may not be particularly appealing! But, in this blog from The Plastic People, we are going to look at some easy DIY tasks you can complete over the festive period without breaking the bank. 
Whether you are a keen DIY-er or entirely new to working with your hands, this guide will give you the tips and tricks to add value to your home this winter. We are going to cover everything from cost-effective Secondary Glazing to protecting your furniture and even how you can make use of outdoor space in icy temperatures. 
If you are always thinking about getting the best value for money, then, this blog is definitely for you! Our team of Plastic Experts are always on-hand to provide advice and guide you through the installation processes. Don’t hesitate to contact us at if you think we could help you!
Secondary Glazing:
Double Glazing is an expensive luxury that few can afford. Sourcing the windows can be incredibly time-consuming, and then you need to hire experts at a costly daily rate to fit your new windows. It gets even more difficult if you live in a listed area and need to find windows that are ‘in keeping’ with your Victorian-era home! 
Here at The Plastic People, we have a cost-effective solution to keep the heat locked in your home this winter without the need to contact any labourers. Secondary Glazing is a wallet-friendly answer to the problems of Double Glazing. It involves acrylic panels which you can attach to the inside of your window, creating an additional layer to trap heat. 
Secondary Glazing is an incredibly easy DIY project too. In only a matter of hours and with the help of MagnetGlaze Tape, you can fit your whole house with new plastic window panes, preventing heat from escaping from your home and lowering the gas bill this Christmas. It couldn’t be easier to lighten the load on your cash-strapped wallet this festive season! 
Our plastic experts can cut the appropriate material to any size or shape you need. We sell complete Secondary Glazing Kits, so you don’t have to go around searching for each individual part. If you need help with installation, you can contact our team or check out this handy video we put together a few years back
Protecting Furniture:
Treating yourself to a new coffee table this Christmas? Plastic table-top protectors are a surefire way to prevent white rings from forming on the surface of your table no matter how many guests put their hot drinks down on it. What’s more, is table-top protectors also stop any scratching or discolouration from taking place, your table can stay looking newer for longer!
Plastics are a great alternative to the typical glass table-top. It is a lighter and altogether cheaper material. Additionally, plastics are generally stronger than glass. For instance, clear-as-glass acrylic is ten times stronger than glass and shatter-resistant. You will only have to buy a plastic protector once, and then you are sorted for life! 
Acrylic is a suitable material for any table-top, both indoors and outdoors. You can get an instant quote for any plastic product directly from our website. Simply type in the dimensions of your desired product, and we’ll return with a price that will beat competitors. Take a look for yourself here.
Creating Usable Outdoor Space:
2020 has been a year spent mostly indoors. Everything from home-schooling to work calls on Zoom and even birthdays have taken place in our front rooms this year. As temperatures drop, it’s becoming less appealing to spend vital time outside that gives us a bit of a break from seeing the same four walls. 
To give your family a break this Christmas, we recommend creating - or updating - your outdoor space so it can be used whatever the weather. Summer houses don’t just have to be used in the summer after all! There’s nothing better than sitting on the sofa with the family and putting on a Christmas film this time of year. 
We supply a variety of glass alternatives for your outbuildings such as plastic shed windows, plastic greenhouse glass and patio covers. Our material of choice, Polycarbonate, is 250 times stronger than glass, making it a cost-effective and more durable solution. Update your outdoor space this winter and continue to enjoy it from years to come! 
Check out the full range of garden products available on our website here
General Repairs:
Money is a little tighter this year for many of us and understandably so. Nonetheless, plastic can be used to complete some general repairs around the house at a very affordable rate. Here’s just a shortlist of the items a plastic sheet can help fix:
  • Fridge Shelf (we have food-safe plastic panels in stock!)
  • Cat/Dog Flap
  • Broken Picture Frame 
  • Drafty Windows 
  • Shower Doors 
For more information on how to complete repairs with plastic, check out a previous blog of ours. Click here. We even offer in-depth information on how to bend and join plastics so you can complete any tasks completely on your own! 
Winter may commonly be a time for hibernation, but you can make 2020 that little bit more successful with the help of plastics such as acrylic. As you can probably tell, we’re big fans of plastic because of how versatile material it is! And this list isn’t complete. We also self plastic backsplashes for your kitchen or bathroom, as well as mirrors and child-safe plastic products. 
If you have any questions about your plastic product, or how to install any of the items mentioned above, get in contact with our team at - they will be able to help every step of the way! 
In next week’s blog, we’re going to have a look at how plastics are a great Xmas gift and give you some last-minute ideas for the festive season. If you have enjoyed this blog and would like to receive these tips and tricks directly into your inbox, consider signing up to our bi-weekly email newsletter. You can do that by clicking here
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