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Top 5 Bedroom Design Trends for 2021

Written by MS
05/04/2021 10:00:16

What better feeling is there than launching yourself into a comfy bed, and sinking under a warm duvet, after a long day? We’ll wait. The answer? Nothing. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s how important a spot of R&R is when the world is literally falling apart. 
Today we’re going to speak about the most intimate and private space in your home: the bedroom. Typically, we prioritise remodelling and updating all other spaces in our homes - especially those where guests will gravitate. But the bedroom is definitely worth a moment of consideration. 
On average, we all spend about a third of our lives asleep. If you’re a keen statistician, that equates to over 230,000 hours - a lot of time indeed! The bedroom is where you sleep, relax, recharge, but it’s also where the majority of us get ready for the day ahead. It’s worth keeping in mind this multi-functionality when it comes to design and renovation. 
In this blog from The Plastic People, we are going to give you a crash course in bedroom interior design. We have put together our Top 5 design tips and trends to help breathe new life into your bedroom in 2021. 
Whether you want to create an incredibly intimate and romantic space for you and a partner, or are looking for a lighter and brighter bedroom aesthetic, we will have a top tip for you! For the more visual learners among you, make sure you check out our Pinterest, where we have uploaded a new board full of pictures and images of ideal bedroom spaces. Click here to see them now!
1. Maximalism and Soft Furnishings 
Interior design has focused, in recent years, on decluttering and minimalism. There’s been a trend toward white paints, linen materials and bare walls/surfaces. In the bedroom, we think there’s space to buck this trend and work toward a more maximalist look. 
Now, we don’t mean that you should cover the walls in family portraits and put trinkets on every available surface. But, by invoking maximalism, we hope to encourage you to bring more colour into the space and experiment with different - perhaps clashing - fabrics and textures. We have a whole section of colour coming up, so we’ll focus on soft furnishings here. 
What is a bedroom without a mountain of pillows? If comfort is key, make sure this is represented in your wider design. Introduce a range of different cushions of varying sizes, colours and textures. Have some plain cushions, but match these with highly patterned pieces. Oversized blankets are also IN at the moment. We’re talking furs, ruffles and other heavy fabrics. 
For extra pops of colour, make sure to add artwork to your walls. It doesn’t have to be anything exceptional, but some abstract shapes and shades go a long way in lifting a presumably darker space. If you require frames, we supply clear acrylic frames cut to any size or shape. Check them out on our website by clicking here. They are ten times stronger than glass alternatives. 
2. Boho Colours 
If you are a keen follower of interior design trends, you will have come across the term ‘Boho Chic’ at least a handful of times already in 2021. At first, it sounds quite intimidating, but in reality, all Boho Chic really refers to is a new, muted colour palette that brings together earthy tones with pastels. 
The typical bedroom colours of white and grey are no longer fashionable. Designers are more likely to opt for blues, greens and even darker tones if fits their brief/theme for a bedroom. Catching onto this trend is something you can do fairly easily by purchasing a few tins of paint and creating a feature wall behind your bed. You can also easily introduce this new colour palette through the addition of soft furnishings - as mentioned previously. 
3. Bring the Outside In 
Bringing the outside in means something different to every designer. Some people opt for simply adding a few extra potted plants to the space, while others take it to a more extreme level and have plants everywhere (including on cushions and in flowery wallpaper). As will all things, there exists a spectrum and where you place yourself upon this line is entirely up to you. 
We do think it’s worthwhile for any bedroom space to have some more natural tones and accessories. Plants provide a room with a particularly fresh feel, which fits perfectly for a room you want to be relaxing and calming. Online, you can find some great inspiration. If you are afraid of the commitment that comes with plants, do not fret! We’ve seen fake ivy and the like draped across bed frames, and it looks just as great as the real thing. 
4. Clever Storage 
This may seem a little contradictory after our discussion of maximalism previously in the blog, and the reference to ‘organised clutter’ in your bedroom, but having clever storage solutions really help with the organisation of a space. This is particularly important as bedrooms are often a little on the smaller side compared to our living spaces and kitchens. 
By ‘clever storage’, we’re really talking about integrated and multifunctional storage. You’ve seen it all before: the bed that lifts and has a vast array of shoes underneath or a window seat that doubles as a clothes chest. Clever storage doesn’t have to be expensive, however. 
There are some great DIY storage solutions available to you, including creating extra shelving on a shoestring budget. We recently put together a whole blog on DIY home storage solutions, so make sure to check that out if you are in need of some ideas. Click here to read that now. 
5. Wall Lights and LED Lights 
You may disagree, but we think lighting may be the hardest element of any interior design project. This remains true of bedrooms. As they are an intimate and private space, you want to avoid the harsh and bright lights you might find in bathrooms or kitchens. 
Currently on trend is matching wall lighting that can help frame your bed and headboard (you may want to reach out to an electrician to help with installation, though). Wall lights are not a particularly costly investment either: you can pick up a pair for around £40-50. 
LED strip lighting is becoming more and more popular - particularly with younger homeowners and students. This relatively cheap addition can add something quite original to a bedroom space as these lights often allow you to cycle through a range of colours depending on mood and atmosphere. 
That just about brings us to the end of this blog on bedroom design. We hope you feel ready to tackle your space and are equipped with the knowledge to make sure you are on-trend! Be sure to check out some of our other interior and garden design blogs on our website. Click here to see the whole lot.
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