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3 Key Bathroom Remodel Design Ideas for 2023

Written by MS
15/02/2021 10:00:56

Bathrooms can be quite difficult rooms to decorate and renovate. Usually, they are quite small spaces with often limited natural light, storage, and awkward awnings or sloped ceilings. Nevertheless, it’s a space you need to maximise. And it’s also a space you want to be comfortable in; after all, no one wants to shower in a dark, damp and cold room. 
Much like kitchens, bathrooms can also be one of the more expensive remodelling tasks you can undertake. If you need to replace the toilet, bath, shower or any other number of appliances, your final bill is likely to be a rather frightening price. On top of this, plumbing is not something you can do without the appropriate expertise and labour does not come cheap (or at all, while we’re in lockdown). 
With that said, there are a whole host of ways to make the most out of your budget when it comes to bathrooms and WCs. In this blog from The Plastic People, we are going to focus on three key areas of improvement—all of which can be done on a tight budget! DIY is our bread and butter here at The Plastic People, and so many of these tips are also activities you can complete yourself one weekend with minimal supplies. 
So, put away the Yellow Pages, close your YouTube tab, and get ready to become a style icon and create the modern and chic bathroom all your neighbours will envy! If you are a more visual learner, we’ve also put together a Pinterest board with some great ideas and links to help you get started with your DIY Bathroom redesign. Click here to check them out.
Splashback and Tiles
The major task in any bathroom remodel—after the installation of a new shower, bath, or toilet—is the choosing what tiles, paint and/or splashback you want to use. What excites us most about bathroom design is that there really are stylish solutions for each and every price range. 
Much like any other room in your house, you can add your own touch to a bathroom or WC. Features walls are not out of place, and fresh designs can transport you to a Mediterranean bathhouse! Adding some colour, through your choice or paint, tile, or splashback, also helps lift a room where natural light is limited. 
Tiling is typically the most expensive of these three. If you opt for a particularly intricate mosaic design, you will quickly find yourself out of pocket. As a rule of thumb, the more complex a design, the more labour you will be charged by any handyman. Of course, the finish and artistic quality of tiles are undoubtedly desirable, but it all depends on your budget. 
The most cost-effective option that still allows you to add your own design and touch to your bathroom is to use a perspex splashback. Plastic is the perfect material for a splashback or backsplash because installation is grout-free! You can install a panel with ease by simply gluing into place, and it will be set within a matter of minutes. 
Plastic can also be cut to any size or shape, so you do not have to worry about your own sawing capabilities. We offer acrylic (perspex) splashbacks in a range of colours and finishes. You can have a glossy green feature wall or opt for a more muted grey shower. Whatever your design disposition, check out our website to see what options are available to you
The cheapest option is to simply paint your bathroom. Any suitable (and waterproof) paint will do. If you’re stuck on the colour choice, white is always a safe bet for bathrooms and kitchens as it looks cleanly. 
Storage is a big problem when it comes to bathrooms. When you think about it, we all have our fair share of cosmetics, shampoos, conditioners, soaps, bath bombs, and so. It can be hard to stop these items from spilling out into bedrooms or other storage areas. 
The solution to this is integrated storage. This can be costly, but the most effective way to use space and create additional storage options is with bespoke installations. We’re talking about cabinets mounted to walls and the all-important bathroom cupboard hidden behind a mirror. This is a sleek way to hide your toothbrush, shaving equipment and other items when guests are coming around. 
If you are in search of cheaper storage solutions, which still have a small footprint, we would recommend: 
  • Stackable plastic containers
  • Free-standing slimline bathroom caddies
  • Under-sink shelving 
  • Hanging shower shelving/shower tidy 
  • Suction-cups to hold up shower shelves
All these items can be found online for a relatively low price. Remember: if you’re not a fan of a colour or finish a product, you can always sand it back and paint it to avoid paying for a more expensive item that comes in a different colour.  
Mirrors & Accessories 
Similarly, to other rooms in your home, such as living spaces and bedrooms, you can add your own decor to a bathroom in the form of soft furnishing. While a wet room may not be the place for plush cushions or natural-light-loving plants, there are a few additions you can make to a bathroom to really make it your own. 
A stylish mirror is a good place to start here. Avoid the drab and overdone square mirrors and introduce a different shape to make your bathroom stand out! Luckily for you, we offer a range of shatter-resistant Perspex mirrors which can be cut to any size or shape. So, if you want a circle or triangle mirror--or even an entirely original shape—get in contact with our expert team today! Find out more by clicking here.
Bathroom decals have also become more popular in recent years. These typically take the form of acrylic shapes or lettering which are simply peeled off the paper and stuck to your wall--wherever you want. You can purchase these peels and stick decals for a few pounds from a range of online marketplaces and stores. 
Don’t be afraid to bring colour into your bathroom either. White is popular, but can be clinical or sterile. Pictures and artwork are ideal solutions. Staring at a photo of your family while you empty your bowels is probably not the answer, but you can put up a favourite painting of yours or a beach scene to lift the space. 
If you want to create a gallery-feel with your pictures, we provide clear-as-glass acrylic sheets that can be used as picture frames. They are ten times stronger than glass frames. What’s more, is you can also get all the appropriate fixings from our website. Click here to find out more and order today. 
We hope this has inspired your inner-interior-designer and you are now ready to tackle your bathroom. Whether you are going for an entire remodel or are just looking to make a few updates to bring it into the 21st century, these tips are fool proof (and futureproof)! If you would like to see how our customers have utilised these tips in the past, head to our website for some examples. Click here to find out more. 
If you use any of our tips and/or products, we would love to hear from you! Please get in touch and send some images of your renovation and design magic to our social media. We can be reached on Twitter or Instagram at @barkstonplastic or via Facebook Messenger. Click here to head there. 

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