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Secondary Glazing

Written by JD
05/10/2018 18:07:14

Using Secondary Glazing

If you have draughty rooms or would like to make your home warmer this winter without soaring energy bills, adding some additional glazing around your windows to stop heat loss at one of the biggest sources is a good idea.  It’s not a new idea and typically it conjures up thoughts of expensive double glazing. But it doesn’t need to be - there is a way of adding heat retaining additional glazing yourself quickly, easily and inexpensively. It’s called Secondary Glazing. Gaining in popularity for some time now, let’s take a look at why.
Glass has for a long time been the main choice when it comes to glazing. Yet it is not the only, or even the most appropriate, choice we have for glazing in our homes and businesses, especially secondary glazing.
Clear Acrylic Secondary Glazing Panes, for example, are a popular, and more than qualified, alternative choice to glass because they are ten times stronger while being considerably lighter in weight and offering crystal clear as glass transparency. This makes them easier to lift, safer to move and perfect to fit to your existing windows.

Fitting secondary glazing is an easy DIY task.  The task is even simpler using a magnetic tape suited to secondary glazing such as Magnetglaze.  Magnetglaze comprises two strips of magnetic tape which enable acrylic panes to easily be held in place at existing windows and so providing an additional secondary glazing for the window. Using this simple but very effective magnetic tape is easy. One strip simply adheres to an existing window frame; the other to the acrylic pane. When the acrylic pane is lifted up and presented to the window, the magnetic strips do their work, holding the secondary glazing in place. The secondary glazing remains in position at the window.

fitting magnetic secondary glazing
Installing secondary glazing  is an easy DIY task that can be done very quickly by novices and requiring no tools at all – only scissors and a pencil are needed.  Measuring skills are important as you will need to measure your existing window to have your secondary glazing pane cut to match its size.  You can read more about doing that on our Secondary Glazing page (or always email our helpful team 

easy to fit magnetic secondary glazing

Our acrylic secondary glazing panes are suitable for just about any windows, not just those in your home. For example, even protecting outdoor animal hutch windows and summer houses from colder winter draughts.
Fortunately, when it is time for our warmer British weather, secondary glazing can be just as easily removed. The secondary pane just lifts off.
The Plastic People offers a Secondary Glazing Kit containing magnetglaze with acrylic panes in varying thicknesses, all of which we cut to cover the size of your existing windows so they can be secondary glazed. If you would like to read more details about our Secondary Glazing Kits visit our Secondary Glazing page on our website.  We also have lots of pictures that customers have sent to us using their secondary glazing kits on windows at home – take a look at those in our Customer Stories.  If you like to check reviews before making any decisions, you can find all of those on our website as well as independent site Trustpilot and Google reviews.
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