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A Guide to Plastic Christmas GiftsĀ 

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30/11/2020 12:00:40

We are now right on the brink of December and the Christmas season, and so it’s time to start thinking (and buying) your gifts for the holiday - if you haven’t already started! In this blog, we are going to guide you through some of the top gifts you can buy that are made from plastic. 
Last week, we explored the world of DIY home improvements and paid particular attention to cost-effective projects you can get on with during the winter. Whether it’s cutting costs and saving on your energy bill with the help of Secondary Glazing or simply doing some repairs around the house with the help of acrylic, we’ve got you covered! Click here to take a look at last week’s blog
Gift-buying can be quite a stressful endeavour. You start strong, checking items off wish lists and finding the perfect, personal, gifts for those close to you. But, then, you reach your uncles or office mates who you just can’t seem to find the right present for. That’s where we come in. 
Here at The Plastic People, we pride ourselves on the ability to give good presents. That’s why we are taking the time this week to run through, with you, some of the top products that will put a smile on any unsuspecting face. If you want to avoid the awkwardness of unwrapping yet another pair of socks this Xmas season, read on! 
Picture Frames and Photo Blocks:
Gift-giving is quite a personal thing: typically, you want to buy something that expresses your love for another. This could be through a sentimental present or, even, a joke present to really demonstrate how strong your friendship is! Nevertheless, a surefire way to make someone happy is by giving them a photo. 
In the age of social media, photos have become incredibly important documents for us, yet you can’t beat a nice photo in a physical frame. Whether you are getting a photo for a partner or your boss, the effect is the same. 
We have two options available in this department. Firstly, we can offer you clear acrylic photo frames. These are cost-effective and durable frames that can help create a ‘gallery feel’ in any home. What’s more is, acrylic is ten times stronger than glass so your photo will be safely encased for years to come! 
Simply pop the dimensions of the photo into our online calculator and you will receive an instant quote! All our picture frames are made to measure, adding that personal quality to your present. Click here to find out more. 

Nonetheless, if you are looking for a smaller (and cheaper) alternative, we also offer Magnetic Photo Blocks. These, too, are made from clear-as-glass acrylic but are typically purchased for smaller images. They could be stuck to a fridge or put on a desk to rest. 

Photo blocks are, perhaps, the perfect Secret Santa gift. Choose a timeless photo of you and a friend at the pub, or on holiday, and you have created a heartfelt present with ease (and without breaking the bank). Check out how good value our Magnetic Photo Blocks are by clicking here. 
Furniture Protectors:
Picture the scene: your aunt has just bought an antique, grand, oak table - ready to be used for the Christmas dinner. She has invited you, and all her extended family, around and is worried about any damage being done to the table. This is where you come in. 
Acrylic protectors are a great investment to stop any prized furniture from being damaged. Both heat and shatter-resistant, these table-top protectors prevent any chips, discolouration or white rings from forming on the surface of any desks or dining tables. We supply clear acrylic, in addition to a range of different colours and finishes to suit any taste. Click here to see the full stock. 
By purchasing this made-to-measure gift, you have single-handedly saved Christmas Day from an awkward discussion about who spilt gravy onto the woodwork. As we cut all our plastic products to your direct specification, you can rest assured that the protectors will fit snuggly to any surface. 
To ensure complete protection, make sure to purchase a pack of self-adhesive rubber stops too. These clear, tiny, elements stop your furniture protector from moving once it has been attached to the surface of a table. Click here to get yours today. 
Plastic Mirrors:
We all have those vein cousins who can’t enough of themselves. And, here at The Plastic People, we have the perfect gift for them! Acrylic - as well as being a great material for furniture protectors and picture frames - can come in a mirrored style. 
These plastic mirrors are perfect for bathrooms, home gyms, outdoor features and even as simple mirrors in bedrooms or front rooms. It is a cost-effective solution and, as acrylic is shatter-proof, you won’t have to worry about the product being broken in transit. Click here to get your plastic mirror today. 
We even supply the best Acrylic Mirror Adhesive so you can sleep easy knowing that your gift is securely fastened to the wall of your cousin’s home. We really are a one-stop shop for all your plastic-related Christmas needs! 
They are just three plastic products that can be great Christmas presents for loved ones after this difficult year. On top of this, we offer a variety of outdoor products for the green-finger family member or friend, including greenhouses, sheds and other storage devices. Click here for the full range. 
We hope we have helped even just one person avoid the difficulty of the gift-giving season! Purchasing from The Plastic People is also a great way to support local businesses this festive season. 
If you have bought a photo block from us, or any other item as a Christmas gift, please get in touch! We would love to share your creations! You tweet us or message us on Instagram at @barkstonplastic. We are also available to email:
Happy shopping! 
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