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How to use your Time wisely in Lockdown

Written by MS
11/01/2021 11:30:39

Third time lucky - or so the saying goes. The whole of the UK is now back under a national lockdown for at least the first month of 2021, and this has really put a spanner in the works for all of our new year resolutions. 
It’s all too easy to fall back into the routines of previous lockdowns: doomscrolling on Twitter and Facebook all day, while binge-watching yet another Netflix show in the background. While there’s nothing wrong with a bit of R&R when times are tough, we think 2021 promised us more than this. 
In this week’s blog from The Plastic People, we are thinking about the ways that will help us spend our time most wisely in this third lockdown. Can we edit our new year resolutions to make them work at home? What can we achieve with this extra time? How do we maintain hope when it still gets dark from 4pm? These are the driving questions behind this blog. 
There is good news, though, with a vaccine around the corner the end is in sight, and so the tips and tricks in this blog are sure set up to enjoy the freedom of the Spring/Summer in its fullest! With that said, strap in and grab a pen and paper: it’s time to plan your time and start a new routine for 2021!
Starting your Business 
There’s a lot of uncertainty associated with the coronavirus pandemic. Furlough schemes and the recession have put a lot of people out of work and given them a lot more free time. You can use this time wisely and to your advantage. Take control of your own payroll and start that business you’ve been planning for years. Remember: big risk equals a big reward! 
Starting your own business couldn’t be easier in 2021. Yes, there is financial uncertainty, and this may limit your chances of getting a bank loan, for example, but this will not stop you growing a company organically. 
Social media is ablaze at the moment with activity. Growing your online profile could not be a simpler task, and all it takes is your time and commitment. In a previous blog, we looked at creating content and inbound marketing plans for companies. You can check that out here. 
Business trends are also in your favour. Since the start of the pandemic, consumers have gravitated toward schemes such as #ShopLocal and are moving away from big corporations such as Amazon. Learn more about how you can capitalise on the Business Trends of 2021 by clicking here.
The most important thing to remember is planning is key. You won’t get very far by jumping in the deep end if you don’t know how to swim. So, make sure you have a realistic plan - and failsafe - in place which deals with all eventualities. 
DIY Home Improvements and Repairs 
We all, typically, lead busy lives and so it’s hard to get around to those small tasks around the home. You know the ones: fixing the cat flap, installing a new fridge shelf, sorting out your garden or outdoor space. Why not use this new lockdown to tackle all these problems on a budget? 
We’ve already published a blog about how you can use plastics for Home Repairs - you can check that out here. But for those of you who need a little more guidance, we’re going to cover some quick tips here. 
Plastic alternatives to glass are lighter and shatter-resistant, making them the perfect solution to several home problems. You can use Perspex, for example, as a material for picture/photo frames. PETG is a food-safe plastic that can be cut-to-size and used as a fridge shelf, and Polycarbonate the perfect material to replace broken Greenhouse Glass and Glazing with. 
All these materials and more are available on our website. We offer bespoke production services and make all our made-to-measure products in our factories in Leeds and Newcastle. Find out more about cut-to-size plastics by clicking here and improve your home life this lockdown! 
Personal Growth and Fitness
Lockdown seems like an ideal to slack off from your new fitness regime. We can all imagine the picture. On January 1st, you had your kit bag packed and ready to take 2021 at full pace but, only two days later, the stay at home order was issued. This is not the end of the world when it comes to fitness, however. 
Home workouts were the trend of the first lockdown (back in March 2020 - do you remember that time?) and they should make a comeback this year. On top of the physical fitness benefits of working out, it is extremely important to help maintain good mental health. 
Working out at home is now easier than ever before. Simply get your phone and search for virtual training sessions or even just an infographic with some routines you can try out. You’ll feel better for it and be beach-body ready by the time we’re allowed out the house! 
If you are looking to go the extra mile, why not create a home gym? A yoga mat, some weights and you’re pretty much set! To make space feel bigger and a little bit more professional, you could also purchase a plastic mirror. We offer made-to-measure plastic mirrors at affordable prices on our website, check them out here. 
Prepare for the Economy to Reopen 
If you are already a small business owner, now is the time to prepare for the end of COVID-19 restrictions. Whether you are the owner/manager of a small retail shop, gym, barbershop or run an office space, now is the time to make sure that you are all the precautions in place to make customers and staff feel safe when they eventually return. 
After the first lockdown came to an end in 2020, we put together a couple of pieces all about returning to work. In the first, we listed 7 ways to improve footfall in your highstreet business after lockdown - you can read that here. We also looked into creating COVID-secure office spaces - check that out by clicking here.
Finally, the surefire way to limit the transmission of pathogens and viruses is by installing physical Social Distancing Screens and Sneeze Guards. These protective barriers inspire customer confidence in your business and make sure you and your staff are protected. We offer a range of sizes of Protective Screens and are happy to take bespoke orders. Click here to find out more. 
That brings us to the end of our list. We hope you are now feeling a bit more hopeful about this third lockdown and are prepared to manage your time productively. We all need to take a break every now and then, though, so don’t work too hard! 
We must all take time to remember and salute the hard-working NHS staff, carers and other key workers who are keeping the country running at during a difficult time. Hats off to you all - we don’t have the words to express our thanks adequately enough. 
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