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Make a garden balcony

Written by JD
14/02/2018 13:53:44

Did you know that balcony glazing does not have to be glass ?


polycarbonate is used to create these balcony walls

As we enjoy more time outdoors in warmer, lighter weather our efforts focus more upon making the most of our outdoor space whether that be a garden, a yard, a roof top terrace or a balcony.  And creating an outdoor space for living and relaxing in – one of the top wishes for many people -can be made easy with the addition of some boundary markers or walls.  To protect our views and space, glass partitions or walls make an ideal solution, yet a much more practical solution can be polycarbonate partitions or walls.


fabulous garden balcony made from polycarbonate

Glass has been the traditional choice for glazing yet lesser chosen polycarbonate is a much stronger option.  Polycarbonate is commonly used to replace glass when a much higher-impact resistance is required because of its super strength.  At 290x stronger than glass polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable yet looks just as clear as glass.

Use polycarbonate cut to size (and shape)to create a boundary for your outdoor space.  It can be bought with holes ready drilled in so all you need to do is screw it to some fixings to hold it in place.

For further advice about using polycarbonate for outdoor spaces contact plastic experts,  The Plastic People.

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