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Does Secondary Glazing Stop Condensation?

Written by The Plastic People
29/04/2024 15:36:12

Understanding condensation 

Condensation is nagging bug bear in homes around the UK. Causing issues such as damp and mould growth, it’s a worry for many that if left, it could cause a range of issues and damage to any home.
Secondary glazing offers the benefit of a DIY fix with long term results without the hefty price tag. Explore the effectiveness and benefits of secondary glazing to stop condensation for you home.

Why does condensation happen?

When warm, moist air contacts the cold windowpane, the air releases moisture in the form of little water droplets, which sit as condensation on your windows.

In colder and more temperamental climates, such as the UK, it collects on the glass and causes issues such as moisture collection and damp.

In older houses, or those with less effective windows, this can happen more and when mould can be left to thrive, looking unsightly and leaving us with more than just a moisture issue.

Secondary glazing to the rescue

Secondary glazing adds an additional layer of protection for you and your home by placing an insulation barrier between your home and the window. By adding this extra layer, secondary glazing keeps the inner panel warmer and reduces condensation formation.
Easy to fit and costly, this quick fix of secondary glazing insulation reduces issues within your home and gives you the peace of mind that you won’t be damp and mould growth in months to come.

Advantages of secondary glazing

Some homeowners will opt for professional solutions such as replacing windows and interiors when these issues occur, but with the mounting costs of these kinds of home changes, secondary glazing is a fantastic alternative.
With easy installation kits perfectly designer to help you be well on your way to a warmer, safer home, secondary glazing offers you a fix that doesn’t require specialist tools or expertise.
Our kits now also come in a range of sizes to make them perfectly customisable to you and your homes specific needs. Whether you have single, double glazed or sash-windows, we have the solution tailored for you.

See how we measure up!

Think of secondary glazing before laying out thousands for brand new windows. Save time, money and hassle with this quick and easy solution to a problem plaguing households nationwide.
Take your first step in having a condensation free home today and find secondary glazing with The Plastic People.
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