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Simson ISR 70-30

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Simson ISR-70-03

Simson ISR adheres to most surfaces including aluminium, stainless steel, galvanised steel, zinc, copper, brass, powder coated surfaces, most lacquered surfaces, glass, PVC, polyester and grp and Lacquered wood.
Simson ISR has been specially developed for elastic bonding and sealing applications for:

  • buses, caravan, trains,  boat building and truck construction

  • sunroof systems

  • corner profiles of aluminium or polyester on trailers

  • polyester parts on metal frames

  • floor systems

  • Sealing welded seams

Simpson ISR is neutral and odourless with good UV-resistance and ageing properties and prolonged resistance to fresh and salt water.  It offers good adhesion on commonly used materials without a primer. It is fast curing and paint compatible with most industrial coatings and paint systems and can be sanded after curing and is neutral.  This product is solvent and isocyanate free
Please note it will not stick to polyethylene, polypropylene and teflon.

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