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When it comes to investing in signage we hear customers asking what plastic maintains its look and is best to use so that a sign last as long as possible. For the best return on your investment it certainly pays to know about the differences in plastic, because they all have different qualities.    

Acrylic - there is a sophisticated range of acrylic sheets perfect for creating and delivering brand identities.

The vibrant colours, shades, metallics and tones available in acrylic as well as the polishing and finishing available, provide qualities suited to advertising and creative display.

Because it is weatherproof, acrylic makes a great choice for both indoor and outdoor signs.

PVC Foamboard is another smooth, dense and strong plastic which can be cut and drilled to create amazing indoor and outdoor signs. The thinner 3mm and 5mm PVC foamboards are light in weight for their size.

Thinner gauges like 3mm PVC Foamboard are flexible so are best used indoors (they’re a great choice to back with Velcro for exhibition shell scheme cladding).

The thicker gauges like 10mm PVC Foamboard are much more rigid and strong and providing the edges have been sealed with a suitable adhesive, can withstand outdoor conditions.

Because PVC foamboard is so dense the thicker gauges are heavy which may leave you wanting a lighter choice while not sacrificing strength. That brings us to Aluminium Composite.

Aluminium Composite is another option for internal and external signage and is often chosen because it offers solid rigidity, a smooth finish and an incredibly flat surface.

Lightweight & durable, our aluminium composite sheets are exceptionally rigid and suitable for interior and exterior use as well as printing. They offer a consistent, flat smooth finish across their entire surface area. Aluminium Composite sheets are easy to bend, fold, cut, punch, drill, route, form, screw and glue.

Aluminium composite panel is made with a polyester core and two thin layers of aluminium on the external sides which are bonded together. 

Thank you to our customers for these fabulous photos.

Pub Sign
Printed signage has been sandwiched between two sheets of clear acrylic before being hung in the traditional way.

Orange Sign
Black vinyl decals have been custom cut and applied to our orange acrylic to create this eye-catching signage.

Auto Services Sign
Company information has been printed directly onto our 5mm clear acrylic before stand-off fixings have been used to mount the sign to the wall.

Smart Signage
Purple and white acrylic have been cut to shape to produce this smart and effective signage.

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